The solution to your dog problem is really closer than you think.

There is a lot of value to the old DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to your dog problem. I would modify it just a little to include an experienced trainer to assist you in home.

 Take my dog and fix it

But, when faced with a dog behavior problem, many dog owners don’t want to do it themselves and instead, prefer to send their dogs off to the expert and let them remedy the situation, returning to them of course, a now perfect dog.

Ah, that was easy or so they thought. Often times, the case is that the dog problem rears its ugly head again a week or two down the road as the dog resorts back to old habits.

He’s up to his old tricks again!

Then you begin to question yourself, “What was it I was supposed to do when he does that?”

A daunting task

It can be a daunting task to try to replicate the trainer’s moves, tone of voice and techniques with the same precise timing – all while the dog’s thinking, “I sure am glad boot camp is over. Now I can get back to life at home sweet home.”

 Benefiting from do-it-yourself

On the other hand, working and training your dog in your home gives you a golden opportunity to deal with your dog problem in the environment in which the unwanted behavior Dog Problemsoccurs. It won’t take a lot of time but it will take a little work – not hard work – just consistent daily work on setting rules and expectations and daily dog obedience training.

Your in-home dog trainer teaches, guides and critiques your work throughout the series of lessons so you have the right moves, good tone of voice and implement corrective techniques with precise timing.

Bottom line: You have more confidence and a better dog with good behavior of which you can be proud.

Exercise a must

Most every good trainer will discuss the benefits of good exercise for your dog. It’s not hard to figure out. What’s that old saying, “A tired dog is a good dog?” It’s so true. Good regular and consistent exercise can make all the difference in your dog in many ways:

1. It constructively manages his energy.
2. Aerobic (running your dog) exercise that is moderate to high intensity can provide a “stress-buffering”  effect, calm your dog’s emotions and build confidence.
3. Your relationship with your dog will improve dramatically if this exercise is done with you and your dog. No dog walkers – do it yourself!

Condition your dog gradually to any exercise program, do not over heat your dog and be extremely aware of heat affects on short muzzled dogs and thick coated dogs.

I’ve seen some behavior problems correct themselves with just a consistent exercise program.

A good diet is essential

In addition to consistent exercise, consistently feeding your dog a good diet is also critical when looking to improve your dog’s behavior. I’ve received testimony from dog owners who switched their dog’s food from cheap grocery store variety (packed with cheap carbohydrates) to a premium quality dog food and have witnessed a “remarkable calm” in their dog in 3-4 weeks.

Rid your dog of his stress

Dogs get stressed with they don’t receive adequate and consistent exercise.

Add to that cheap food that creates hyperactivity with an already “under-exercised” dog, you get dog problems. Since most all dog behavior problems are stress related, I can usually trace the problem back to the relationship the owner has with their dog.

And, it is usually what the owner “is” or “is not” doing with the dog. In this example, the owner “is” feeding their dog cheap food and “is not” exercising their dog. Identify your dog’s stressor(s) and remove it/them. You will be surprised with the outcome.

Do it yourself! You’ll be glad you did.

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“Together, We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog”

Jim Burwell, professional dog trainer for 25+ years, serving 8500+ clients,  has a profound understanding of dog behavior and the many things, we as humans, do that influence that behavior – good or bad.  Jim has the ability to not only steer dogs and puppies down the right path but to also train the owners to understand their part in having a great dog.

His Ground Rules for Great Dogs is the culmination of these years of training into an easy, step-by-step way to teach your dog how to be a great family member.