One of my dog training secrets is to watch what you feed your dog. Many dog foods have cheap, low-quality ingredients and “fillers.” It’s easy to understand how this could have a negative effect on your dog’s health, but many people don’t realize this can impact your dog’s behavior as well. That’s why I recommend only high-quality foods to all of my clients. I have blogged about dog food and behavior before, and one reader had a question that I’m sure was on many readers’ minds.

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Good advice as usual! Can you suggest a high quality food that doesn’t cost a fortune?? Would appreciate it! — Domino2

My Answer:


The easiest place to find high-quality dog food is at PETCO — look for Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, also Merrick dog foods and Prairie dog foods. Go to a Natural Pawz store, they have a great selection of high quality dog foods and they have great information. We just switched our lab to a grain free food to deal with his skin allergies. It’s called Instinct and it’s rabbit based for the protein and grain free. His itching stopped in less than a week and he LOVES it!

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