Michael Baugh CPDT-KSA, CDBC

When I got the chance to chat on the phone with Dr. Sophia Yin DVM, MS, I jumped on it.  Dr. Yin is a world renown veterinary behaviorist, author and inventor.  Those are some pretty heady accolades.  Still, when it comes to the heart of the matter Dr. Yin is a warm and genuine human being who deeply cares about animals and the people who love them.


Dr. Yin’s interview appears in the March 2012 issue of Houston PetTalk Magazine.  CLICK HERE to listen to the longer recorded version of our conversation.

For more information about Dr. Yin’s upcoming seminar in Houston – Canine Fear and Aggression Solutions – visit www.michaelsdogs.com.

Houston Dog Trainer Michael Baugh CPDT-KSA, CDBC is the Director of Training and Behavior at Rover Oaks Pet Resorts.