I’m adding to the information that was provided in the March Natural Pet Tips featured in this month’s issue of the Houston Pet Talk magazine.

You can take your training to a new level with natural methods.  These are things anyone can do so give them a try.  Even if it is new to you, your pet may really appreciate you for it.

  • For walking issues, consider the Gentle Leader or Canny Collar for dogs.  They work on acupressure points that have a calming effect and these are great with dogs that tend to pull on the leash.  Big or small dog, these types of collars are awesome.  You can find the Gentle Leader at pet stores like Petco and Petsmart.  The Canny Collar  is very similar to the Gentle Leader but more durable.  It does cost a bit more but that is because of the durability.  You can look at the photos of them and see the difference.  The holistic vet I used to work with recommended and sold the Canny collars but the Gentle Leader works too and is a good choice for those that need a more affordable option.
  • Be aware of the colors you have on and around your pet. While red can help a pet become more confident, it can make an aggressive one more agitated.  There is indeed a reason the bull charges at the red cape.  Yes it would charge at other waving things but red stimulates aggression.  Understand that with color therapy, it has nothing to do with what color an animal can physically see.  It has to do with what energy that color gives off and how it affects an animal.   Blue can make your pet more calm and focused.  Of course, the best way to know what color your pet needs is to muscle test.
  • If you use objects/toys for training or activities, those in motion are easier to see but colors like green, yellow and orange look alike so are harder to see once the motion stops.  That is why if you throw an orange ball and it stops rolling on the green grass and your dog does not see where it stopped, your dog may look like they have lost interest when in fact the ball is blending in with the grass and they don’t know where it is!  Purple is more noticeable.  Purple and white can be ideal color combination but hard to find.  You’ll notice that  Premier a line of neat durable toys that are purple and many pet stores and boarding facilities have them for sale.
  • Improper diet can cause your pet to be inattentive or hyper.  Muscle test to find out the right nutrition to help your pet focus.  Diet can cause so many issues – not just physical.  Yes it can cause behavioral issues too which can affect your training.  Turkey can be calming because of the tryptophan.  Right now a LOT of dogs and cats are not doing well on chicken based products for whatever reason.  The best bet is to muscle test the entire diet, including supplements, to find out what is right for your pet.
  • Larch is a Bach flower essence that can help pets that lack confidence.  Chestnut Bud helps to focus and Impatiens helps those that are impatient.  Flower essences can be so helpful as they work on emotional issues to restore balance in the body.  Of course, the best way to help your pet is to get a custom Bach flower remedy that is custom created for your animal.  This is one of the most popular ways we help animals and it can have incredible results.
  • Crystal therapy can also be helpful. Amethyst, fluorite and malachite are crystals that can help with training issues.  Again, it is best to muscle test to find out if crystals are needed and if so, which ones and how they should be offered.  Sometimes it could be up to 7 crystals that are needed.  The crystals may need to go in one of our collar pouches we have available or a custom crystal spray might be best.  You never want to place crystals where your pet may ingest them.
  • Think of unique ways to work your pet’s brain. There are all kinds of training.  It helps to stimulate your pet by doing games like hide-n-seek or teaching them tricks.  Have you considered target/clicker training?  What about dancing or yoga?  Allison dances and does yoga with her dog Bob.  They’ve even done dancing exhibitions.  Some time in the future she’ll teach some basic dancing and doggie yoga classes.  Did you know you can even paint with your animal?  You can teach your dog, parrot or horse to paint.  Click here to see 12 animal artists.  Yep, they can be taught to hold a paint brush in their mouth and to place a paw/hoof on a canvas to get a foot print!  Some animals really enjoy this.  All of these are forms of enrichment you may not have thought about.  And enrichment can be a form of training when it involves teaching your pet something new.  After you “work” their brain, “release” them to have fun so they can just simply “be” a dog, a cat, horse, bird… 

Keep in mind you can use this information but to really hone your skills, consider taking a class with us.  We’d love to teach you how to not only help your pets, but also yourself.  The classes are for both people and animals.  And if you are having a training issue, we can help from a different kind of approach.  You can always come to a free consultation with us.

Blessings to you and the animals you love!