Thunderstorms upset many dogs.  For some, they are sensitive to the noise but for others, they actually feel the electrical charge in their body which makes them uncomfortable.  It is possible that trauma has damaged nerve receptors, causing dogs to have an over reactive response to stimuli.  While there are a number of natural methods to help your dog, muscle testing is the best way to find out what can help the most.

  • Offering energy work such as reiki can be soothing for both of you.  The dog in the photo is receiving reiki.  To learn more about reiki, click here.
  • The Thundershirt can help calm your dog by applying gentle pressure to their body and can be purchased at Urban Tails.  It is best to get your dog used to the wrap before a thunderstorm so that they don’t associate it with something negative.  
  • Chill aromatherapy spray by Spot Organics can help to calm your dog and can be purchased at Molly’s Mutt House.  The spray contains lavender, clary sage, green mandarin, ylang ylang blended into a base of distilled water, organic aloe vera and natural glycerin.  To learn more about aromatherapy for your animal, click here.
  • Massaging your dog’s arm pits with slow, gentle circles can provide relaxation.  To learn more about animal massage, click here
  • The flower essences Mimulus, Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy may offer relief.  To learn more about offering flower essences for animals, click here
  • Playing meditative music, especially featuring the harp, may help anxiety.  Dogs tend to need to hear at least several minutes of it before it could take effect.  The music should be played as needed and not on a regular basis so that your dog does not become desensitized to it.
  • Homeopathic remedies may help too.  You can try offering Phosphorus 30C (3-5 pellets) in your dog’s mouth every 15 minutes until you see results.  If this remedy doesn’t seem to work, you can try Aconitum 30C.  

With some simple solutions you can have a more relaxed dog during thunderstorms.