Flower Power! We use flower essences to help a lot of animals.  They can help many pets with emotional and behavioral issues.  And if the health problem stems from emotional issues, the essences can help resolve it.  For instance, if a dog has diarrhea because he’s stressed out for whatever reason, the flower essences can help ease or eliminate the stress and then the diarrhea stops.  So yes they can be absolutely incredible.

When we muscle test to find out what will help an animal the most, it is often that flower essences show up as one of the top 3 or 4 modalities (out of the 10 we offer).  That just shows you how effective essences can be.  Remember, you can try and try something and spend your time and money and end up playing a waiting game with your animal’s health if you go from one thing to another.  You will probably get sick of me saying “muscle testing” all of the time but that is why we have such great results.

So, what are flower essences? Well, they are made from flowers so that’s a start.  They were created by Dr. Edward Bach, a brilliant man ahead of his time.  He was a London medical doctor and he believed that flowers had amazing properties to heal his clients.  Now he was a smart man and he knew that most illness and disease stems from emotional issues that are trapped in the body so to speak.  He had wonderful results.  Since then, other people have created many different kinds of essences out there such as Flower Essence Society, Spirit Essences, Pet Essences, Green Hope Essences, Perelandra Essences,   Australian Bush Essences and more.  But because Bach’s essences were the original ones, they are the most well known and widely used.  They are all we use in our practice just because we have not felt the need that more brands means better.  We’ve had such great results with his essences but know some people also use other brands and really like them.

How can essences help your pet? The million dollar question.  Think EVERYTHING.  It could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  So think any kind of behavioral problem such as shyness, aggression, hyperactivity or anxiety.  They could simply be sad about the loss of a loved one or acting up because of a change in the home like a new pet or your new work hours.  They could also be going senile.  Think training problems – slow, not responsive, inability to focus, high strung.  They might be dragging you down the street or looking at you like you must be off your rocker.  With physical issues, they have the possibility to be helped if the reason behind them is emotional stress, which can mean a lot of things from vomiting to more serious health issues.  Remember animals get stressed like we do and they hold on to things and that CAN manifest into something serious.  The emotional health of a pet is just important as our emotional well-being. And that is where the flower essences excel or should I say “blossom”!

How are the essences made? Dr. Bach used to go to the English countryside and gather the flowers in the morning, put them in a bowl, add water and let the sunlight hit them.  Then after a few hours he’d remove the flowers and he’d have a stock essence for that particular flower.  He created 38 individual flower essences.  He would make custom blends for his clients that were up to 7 of his essences.  His Rescue Remedy is created with 5 of the essences, so it is not one individual essence but five.  It can have a great immediate calming effect so that is why it is used in a lot of emergency type situations for people and animals and even used by shelters and rescue groups.

What is the difference between an individual essence and a combination essence? All of Dr. Bach’s are individual essences except his one combination essence, Rescue Remedy.  Some companies make individual essences and others focus on combination blends.  For instance a company’s calming blend may contain many essences and that is in the hopes that some of those essences are going to be the right ones that will help a person or an animal.  Or they may contain just a few and you have to hope that those few are the ones that will work.  Know that offering a single essence is more powerful than offering many essences but to help most animals, you are looking at 3-5 individual essences, which is what we use most of the time.  Know that when we make a custom blend and muscle test to do this, the combination blend of Rescue Remedy never tests as being part of the blend.  This is because it contains 5 essences just by itself and is not really targeting what is going on with the animal as a whole.

How can you create a special blend of essences for your pet? Well, you can look at the information provided on the Bach Centre’s website and see what characteristics seem to fit your pet and come up with a blend of up to 7 essences.  Or you can muscle test and find out exactly what will help your pet.  You see, even though you think you know your pet very well, you can normally only go by what you see on the surface.  There could be something going on that you do not know about, especially if you adopted or rescued your pet.  That is why muscle testing is SO helpful because it shows what the body needs – it takes the guessing out of it.  It looks at the whole animal even if you can’t see it all.  You are more likely to have better results with a custom blend you created through muscle testing than one you did by selecting essences that “sound” like they would fit your pet’s personality and behavior.  To make your blend, you’ll get an empty 30ml dropper bottle, shake the essence bottles, put 2 drops of each essence you select into the empty bottle, then add spring water.  Be careful not to fill too full or when you put the dropper in it will overflow.  You’ll want to refrigerate it so it will stay fresh.  You can try creating a blend for your pet or have us create one for you.

How are they offered? Flower essences are so easy to give to any animal.  You will generally give 2 drops at a time up to 4 times a day.  It is not the number of drops that matter, but how often it is given.  Of course, muscle testing is best way to see how often it should be given.  You can put directly in their mouth (not letting dropper touch it so you don’t contaminate it) or on a piece of food.  If that is too difficult, you can put in their water, rub onto their ears or even put in spray bottle.  Of course the first two methods are preferred since more direct.  And don’t worry about another pet getting them like if you place in the water or they snatch the food item.  The essences only work where needed otherwise they don’t have an effect.  And keep in mind sometimes YOU could benefit from the same blend your animal is getting.  Yes that is right.  It is often for pets and their owners to have some of the same emotional issues going on.  Again, it will either help you or nothing will happen.  The essences will last 4-6 weeks generally.  Improvement could be seen in hours or it may take weeks.  It all depends on the animal and the situation.  You can muscle test to know how long to offer the essences.  And just know that if other things happen to your pet to stress them out, it can make the current blend less effective.  You might need to relook at the essences and offer some others.  If you muscle test you will know if an essence or two needs to be added or an entirely new blend needs to be created…but you knew I was probably going to say that, right?

So give these flowers a try!  And if you are inspired, you might want to take a flower essence workshop with us where you learn more about using flower essences with pets and people and also be able to create your own custom blends to take with you.

Blessings to you and the animals you love!