Eve has no home as of Tuesday 4/26.  Can someone help us by fostering, even if it’s just for a couple of months, one month or even a couple of weeks to give us more time to find a place for her.  PLEASE consider fostering her; She is sponsored by Barrio Dogs of Houston rescue group.  If able contact Gloria Zenteno @ 281 732-5413.
Meet Eve – Eve was rescued from an abandoned home near Lockwood & Navigation in Greater East End, Houston, TX.  She was discovered by a very caring person along with her mama and 2 other litter mates when looking for food at a nearby gas station. 

Eve is up to date on her vaccines and has been spayed   This beautiful pup has been on the streets since birth so human contact is still new to her.  She still needs some time for trust but you can see it in her eyes she wants a chance.  The good news is Eve will no longer have to search for food and shelter anymore.

Eve is approximately 7 months old and is probably a lab/hound/chow mix.  She is still waiting for her forever home.