Goat milk is starting to be referred to as the new superfood (human & pets).  It is a natural and complete food source for nutritional value.  Read on the discover how it can help your pets and perhaps you if you wish to give it a try.  

Probiotics found in fermented goat’s milk regulate bacteria and can help create a healthy gut  which in turn can lead to several other health benefits. 

 Another HUGE benefit is added hydration – especially in the summer.  Adding in more liquids can benefit your pets immensely.  

Enzymes found in fermented goat’s milk contribute to easy digestion helping your pet absorb all the vitamins and minerals. Since it’s in liquid form over pill or powder form,  absorption happens more quickly.  

Fermented goat’s milk can help reduce allergies as it is a natural antihistamine.  Can help fight yeast and might help to alleviate itching and scratching!

Can also help with malnutrition, liver disease  and anemia to name a few other benefits.  Both dogs and cats can tolerate goat’s milk much better than cow’s milk. 

 Goat milk contains vitamins, protein & minerals to help the overall health of your dog or cat and can usually be digested within 20 minutes.  This superfood can usually help most cats and dogs because it is a novel protein and little to no intolerances have been developed by the pet .Summer Idea for the Cat or Dog in your lifeFreeze Goat milk in an ice cube tray or mold of your choice. Pop one out and give to your pet but don’t tell them it’s healthy for them.Authors note: We like to use Primal Pet Foods Goat Milk because it comes in a variety of flavors.  Our pets are partial to the “Blueberry Pom Burst” and we sometimes will add in fresh or frozen blueberries  before we freeze.  Their other fav is Cranberry Blast.  Oh the benefits!  Want to add in some kale to their diet, check out the Green Goddess goat milk from Primal Pet Foods.

**Several sources were used to help write this article, including personal experiences.  If you are looking to add goat milk or even bone broth made for cats and dogs, check out Primal Pet Foods or Answers Pet Foods.  There are others out there as well and a local pet store can help you sort out what may work best for your personal pets.  Bottom line, these will be a great addition to their daily routine, and the added health benefits will be so beneficial.

By Teresa Bues, Purrs n Barks Pet Market, purrsnbarkstx.com