Corridor Rescue helps Charlie Bear finds a family! Well, its official! Linda is adopting Charlie Bear ….previously known as the Corridor Trash Pile Dog, and now known affectionately as Wolfie. Charlie has been with Linda for about 5 weeks now and we were giving them plenty of time to settle in together and with the cats. Wolfie and the cats are buddies now and Linda can’t imagine living without him. It has been a long haul since that day last fall when I told volunteers – bring ’em on in, on what I thought was just going to be a mercy mission to end the horrible torment and suffering of this sad life. Ha! Think again! Within an hour I was discussing Charlie’s course of treatment with Dr. J at Abbott’s and knew this guy was going to make it. But make it he couldn’t have without the loving care of his foster mom Claudia and Auntie Jenny – On Halloween day ’10 I delivered him to them after his broken leg was repaired by Dr. Tracy. Thank you to the staff at Tracy Animal Hospital for seeing our boy thru! And thank you Claudia for your special loving care while Charlie recovered from surgery and demodectic mange. Also, thank you to everyone who donated for Charlie’s care – you are wonderful and loving and kind and we can’t do what we do without you!!

If you’ve never seen Charlie Bear’s video, please view on our home page while it is still there: