After numerous discussions around the fire hydrant, my girlfriends and I decided we should take up a new sport to “open our horizons”. The consensus among moi amigos (is it ok to mix French and Spanish?) is that several criteria must be satisfied in our new sporting adventure.

First and foremost, it’s all about how you look. The outfit for the sport must be cute, fashionable enough to wear to the après bone bar and have “accommodations” for our tail. That leaves out golf (name one person who looks sexy in a golf outfit!), soccer (showing ‘nothin but knee’ is not flattering!), basketball (extreme perspiration is bad for the mascara) or softball (we won’t even go there).

Now, the second “must have” for our sport is the ability to meet guys with class. No pronged collars, useless bandanas for the masses or loud bodily functions will be tolerated (however, we understand that lip smacking cannot possibly be avoided with leftover T-Bones…that mannerism will be given a pass).

Last, we actually need to burn some calories to keep our girlish figures in check. And don’t you dare say mine has “checked” out….yes, I admit a weakness to chocolate but it is a proven mood enhancer…why do you think all fat people seem so happy?  For a brief moment we considered a walking club until we had a gander at the Walking Shoes section at Academy Sports which brought only one word to mind….Grandma.

So after much deliberation, we settled on Tennis. How can you go wrong with a sport that uses Love to keep score, has Anna Kournakova as a poster child and one that gives an opportunity to appropriately swoon over Tommy Haas?

We checked out the local WestTail Tennis Club….Oh yes, this is the sport for me! The clothes are fun, the clay court “slide” is awesome to execute (and very embarrassing to not execute)….and they even have pink balls. And, the best part of all, is the smorgasbord of muscled male athletes running around the court in shorts. Yes, tennis is a match made in heaven for me!