Welcome to my first blog! I couldn’t sleep a wink last night when I heard I would get to have my very own piece of real estate on houstonpettalk.com. Not that I don’t love my monhtly column in the print magazine but this is an opportunity to truly log the amazing stuff inside my brain.

Now, for my first subject (this is what kept me up from 2am to 3am last night before my mind moved on to wondering if I can include photos in my blog). I’ve decided to tell you about the fab time I had last evening at the Tux and Tennies Gala for the Houston Rockets.

I wore my finest regalia….my ears were swept up in a chignon and my chandelier earrings dangled in my martini. However, I don’t think anyone much noticed given that fact that I was about as tall as their socks. I felt like a rabbit at a Giraffe convention. Which started me thinking how do these people fit in cars? Do they drive from the backseat?

I met some cool guys…Stevie “Franchise” wore a white Tux with a pink vest..now there is a man who’s comfortable with himself. I swooned over Luis Scola’s beautiful locks, I stumbled over Tracy McGrady’s shoe and I was allowed to sit on Yao Ming’s lap (not really but it sounded good). But the highlight was meeting “Deke” Mutombo. We drank, danced and spent alot of money for his charity, a hospital in his homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. He does great work for humanity and his voice scares the hell out of me.

Ok, I suppose a blog is not supposed to be a book so I’ll sign off for now. Til next time….