Merlin pulled a trick from his hat…he took top honors of Best In Show at the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association (HOFA) Ferret Buckeye Bash Ferret Show.  It is the largest Ferret show in the US. 

Never been to a ferret show? Neither have I but I bet it’s a blast!! Merlin and his other Houston compadres (Sophie and Darth) competed in categories such as the Color Class where Darth took 4th place in Black Sable, Passport Required (the ferret must have some foreign blood in them) where Sophie took 4th place, Late Alter Class (for the boys!) and Breeder Class for the girls.

Yes, our boy Merlin won the whole kit-n-kaboodle! And you thought Houston only had NASA, Tex-Mex and the Rockets to be proud of! You rock Merlin!