BARC Upcoming Special  Events:

    • August 21st – Dog and Car Wash with Donation Drive – 10 am to 1 pm – Sponsors – Our Block West U –Airport Pet Parks – Location: Carisma Car Wash – 5203 Kirby
  • BARC at the Park
    • August 22nd –– 9 am to 12 pm – TC Jester Dog Park – 4201 West TC Jester Blvd. BARC mobile adoption center, shelter supplies donation drive, and a special sponsor/hostess with doggy goodies.
  • Market Square Dog Park Grand Opening
    • August 28th –– Mobile dog Adoptions: 2p to 4p
  • Astro’s Dog Day
    • September 19th –– Education and Outreach event – Pet Previews – (no adoptions on site) – 1 pm to 5 pm
  • AnthroPAWlogy Adoptions
    • September 25th – Anthropology in City Center – Cat and Dog Adoptions and Pet Supply Drive: 10a to 2p
  • PetFest
    • October 23rd & 24th – PetFest in Olde Town Spring – All Animal Adoptions, with pet services including Ear Cleanings and Nail Trimmings: 10a – 4p

BARC – Every Weekend Mobile Adoption Events

  • Wags to Whiskers: 12p-4p every Saturday at BARC- 3200 Carr Street- with Food, Refreshements, and Fun!
  • Petco #469 on 290 @ 43rd: 11a-2p every Sunday
  • Petsmart #198 on 610 @ Westpark: 11a-3p every Saturday
  • Highland Village – Saturday and Sunday hours vary
  • Petsmart #1045 on 290 @ Hollister: 11a-2p every Saturday

*Adoption Events may be closed on holiday weekends, contact store for holiday dates. If you would like to volunteer at any of these events register as a volunteer online at To host or sponsor future events with BARC please email

Donation Drive Items Needed:

(we would like to supply many of these items to our foster homes and volunteers to provide animal assistance and enrichment)

New and used towels, rags, wash cloths

Dog food (dry or canned, any brand)

Cat food (dry or canned, any brand)

Puppy food  (dry or canned, any brand)

Kitten food (dry or canned, any brand)

Dog and cat beds (small ones)

Toys (indestructble types only)

Leashes and collars of all sizes and types for Adoption gifts

Dog and cat treats, cookies, bones, chews, biscuits etc

Dog, Cat, Puppy Kitten FLEA shampoo

Flea spray (puppy, kitten, cat, dog)


Ear cleaning solution

Flea drops

Nail clippers

Brushes, combs, rakes for grooming

Grooming trimmers and scissors

Pet Wipes

Waterless shampoo

Card board boxes (shallow, clothing, lids, for litter boxes)


Recyclable biodegradable litter pellets made from newspaper

Stainless Steel bowls

Cleaning supplies:

409 or other spray cleaners

Clorox wipes


Hand sanitizer (large pump bottles)

Paper towels

Shop type paper towels
Scrub brushes

Handi wipes

Spray bottles (empty)
Pails, jugs, containers

Plastic storage totes

Reusable Tote bags

Metal or plastic pet carrier crates and play pens