Over two months after Houston city officials agreed to an assessment of BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care), the contract has yet to be executed.  City officials cannot provide a date in which the contract will be executed.  Meanwhile, 30,000 animals per year continue to be killed at BARC which could otherwise be saved and adopted into homes.

 In October 2008, City of Houston officials agreed to hire Nathan Winograd, the leading expert in No Kill sheltering to assess BARC, the City’s high kill, animal control facility.  However, over 2 months have passed and the assessment contract has not been executed by the City, even though Houstonians donated funds to pay Mr. Winograd’s fee.  Additionally, City officials have not agreed to hire Mr. Winograd to recruit the new Bureau Chief for BARC which is the most important factor in reducing the kill rate there.

 Further, in the past few weeks, the interim Bureau Chief has enacted several interim procedures which make it increasingly difficult, and in some cases impossible, to get adoptable animals out of BARC alive.

 It has been proven by pioneering shelter directors all over the country that, by following Nathan Winograd’s “No Kill Equation”, high kill shelters can be transformed into No Kill shelters.  Citizens have demanded, and paid for, this service at BARC.

To learn more or how you can make a difference in this important city issue, visit www.NoKillHouston.org