A Message About Fostering and Rescuing submitted by reader Kathy Chomout on behalf of  Small Paws Rescue; Written by Sindy; Photo of “Alan” after being rescued.

My first Bichon was Sadie.  She was not a dog, but my child.  Sadie was a puppy mill dog from Missouri, and she was my brother’s family dog.  My husband and I  saw her when she was just a ball of fluff!  Really!  She would run through the fallen leaves and end up rolling like a ball.  Frank and I fell in love with her.  Sadie had an enlarged heart, and the breeder sent my brother’s family a new dog.  With the breeder’s permission, we were given a great blessing…Sadie.  She was with us for 16 yrs, and it broke my heart when I lost her.

In 2006 we received a new blessing named Parker, my first little boy.  Parker was rescued from a kill shelter from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.  Parker was a sick little boy, when a nice gentleman from Small Paws saved his life, Parker had mange.  A nice family helped Parker love and trust again once he was out of the vet.  When my husband and I went to pick him up (we were so excited), Parker was afraid.  Parker has turned into a beautiful, loving boy; and he has helped care for a number of fosters that have come through our house.  What would have happened if Parker’s angel did not come to get him in the shelter and the angel’s who contributed to his vet care.

A family gave Parker their heart and sent part of that heart packing to our home.  All the people who were part of saving Parker’s life have blessed my family; and I, in return, have been able to pass that blessing on to other families.  It is hard at times when you hand over a fluff that you have grown to love to another family, but think of the blessing that you are giving!

It is for these reasons that I rescue Bichons from the kill shelters and take these precious babies into my home and try to patch them up and watch them blossom and then pass a blessing to another family.

Two year old Baxter came to us from a kill shelter.  He had one beautiful coat that was terribly matted so we had to trim him close but once he grows out he will have a handsome buff colored coat with some saddle highlights.  Baxter is a very active boy, sweet personality and wants to please.  We are working on basic commands and he is learning and  doing well.  We would like to get him into a foster home as soon as possible so if you feel that you could help Baxter or have a friend that might become a foster volunteer please let me know.  He is in good health and up to date on all vaccines.

To bring you up to date:  We have five boys that have been adopted.  Baker, Cole, Gabe, Gatsby and Riley J.   Cooper, Vinny, Doogie, Buddy Lee are now in foster home

Small Paws Rescue, South Texas Team Leader