CBD affects pets just like it does humans. Both pets and humans have the endocannabinoid system, which runs from the brain down through the rest of the body.  This system is a very important element for improving and maintaining human and pet health. When CBD is introduced into the pet’s system, the endocannabinoid system uses it to help control the immune system as well as other systems in an effort to maintain homeostasis. Here we would like to how CBD can be used the proper way.

This keeps the pet’s body in a more calm and relaxed status, strengthens the pet’s ability to fight off infection and works on various maladies that pets tend to have.Through both scientific experiments and anecdotal evidence, CBD has shown to help pets with certain ailments including:(how CBD can be used the proper way)

Anxiety – CBD has been used to help both dogs and cats reduce their fear and lower their anxiety against other pets, loud noises such as fireworks and lawnmowers, strangers, trips to the veterinarian and ringing doorbells.

Aggression – Loud barking and biting dogs have been controlled in some cases with CBD. Dogs that chase cars and cats can be treated with CBD on a regular basis and get results, reinforced with verbal commands during the incidents.

Seizures – Scientific studies have shown how the introduction of CBD into a pet’s systems has significantly limited the number and frequency of seizures. 

Pain Relief – CBD has been used with success in reducing pain in both dogs and cats from joint or muscle pains to pet arthritis. Both CBD pet tinctures as well as topical pain cream can be used together in treating pet pain.

Antiemetic – CBD can be used to help with nausea and vomiting. A daily regimen of CBD tincture should be used with the benefits improving over time.

Allergies – There is some anecdotal evidence that CBD can help with allergies in dogs and cats. Again, an ongoing regimen of pet tincture seems to work the best.

Homeostasis – Both dogs and cats tolerate CBD oil very well. It has been shown to mellow them out and reduce their aggression by improving their homeostasis and immune system.

You might be wondering how to know the right amount to administer to your pet. First of all, you should use only THC free CBD. THC is the element that gets humans and pets high. CBD Isolate is the right product to use, which is only made up of CBD.Next, you should always start out on the lower side of CBD strength. With smaller dogs and cats, you should treat them with a pet tincture of 500 MG, which is a dosage of 16.6 MG per day. If the animal will not take the CBD orally with a dropper, then you can put the dropper full on their pet food or treats each day. Note that this should be CBD extracted from the hemp plant, not hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains very little CBD.If 500 MG does not seem to get results, you can give your pet a dropper and a half or two droppers per day and measure its effectiveness. Again, this should be a daily dose with the benefits improving over time. You should avoid pet tinctures with less than 300 MG CBD in them. That’s only 10 MG per day, which is probably too small of a dose to be effective.When evaluating the quality of CBD oil, look for the following benchmarks for top quality oil:Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) – These are third party laboratories who analyze of all of the elements in the bottle of CBD and they should be posted on the manufacturer’s website.  If you can’t find it, then you should ask to see it to verify that the CBD is the level as promised on the labels.Isolate, No THC – This is very important for dosing pets. Avoid full spectrum CBD oil because it contains THC.cGMP-Certified – Look for this logo on the bottle or website. It is the FDA’s guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices and certifies that the product was made with the highest quality.ISO-9001 Certified – This international standard provides for quality management by the manufacturer and its ability to meet regulatory and customer requirements.Kosher Certified – This stamp of approval is by a rabbinic agency that has checked the products ingredients and the facility where it was produced to insure that it has no trace of non-kosher substances.Additionally, you can look for Health Department Approved and Environmental Safety Approval as well.If you follow these guidelines, you will insure that your pet receives the finest quality CBD and that they will be receiving the maximum benefits to improve their health and wellness. We can con not stress enough the importance of teaching how CBD can be used the proper way, can help so many animals

By: Mike Burns