Constellation Trail, Prescott AZ

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

Lorraine and Kuma

Have I told you that hiking with my family is one of my most favorite things? Of course, I do love a great steak bone. Nothing really beats that, but adventures out with the family are pretty cool. Some are long and some are short, but we always find beauty wherever we go. Just north of us here in Phoenix is Prescott, and on the west side of State Route 89, just south of the Phippen Museum, is the Constellation Trail. My dad found the trail on the internet, so off we went to explore!


We didn’t realize it until we arrived that the trail head is actually a memorial to five naval airmen from Moffett Field in California. Apparently, their plane crashed at this very site back in 1959, killing all aboard. We paused a moment to pay respects at the wreckage that remained. As I looked and thought of humans dying right there, I was grateful for the life I lead. Every day is a gift. For history and airplane buffs, you will find the wreckage left behind fascinating. Humans and canines alike are asked to look but not touch as this is a part of history that tells a story.

Prescott AZ

The trail is a 2.7 mile loop—nothing for a Shiba dog like me. Woof! The same boulders and rock formations that we found at Watson Lake surrounded us. Unlike Watson Lake, however, we didn’t have to scramble and climb our way up and around them. I was kinda glad. As much as I love to climb, the rocks here are sharp and cut. My paws hurt for a week after the Watson Lake Trail. The Constellation Trail was marked better, too.


The sun wasn’t shining, but the temps were comfortable. Just perfect for hiking! The trail took us up and around the boulders, giving us nice views of the Prescott area. Prescott has different trees than down by us in Phoenix. Phoenix has pokey cactus that try to attack you whereas Prescott has pine trees. They seem friendlier to me, and I grew up with pine trees in Colorado, so I’m familiar with them. All good! We met some humans and a nice dog. He was a good looking chap, but nothing like me, of course.

Kuma on trail

After our hike, we headed into downtown Prescott. Their town square has a big park with grass. Lots of my kind were out enjoying it. We met a sweet fellow who was partially paralyzed. He couldn’t use his back legs. But get this…his humans created a wheeled contraption that his back legs laid in. I kid you not, that dog could do wheelies! He certainly did not let his misfortune stop him from enjoying life. I wish we got a picture of him, but we were mesmerized by his incredible spirit. I was proud to meet him and his thoughtful, loving humans. May we all be that brave and courageous.


Kumaito (Kuma for short) is a multi-tan Shiba Inu, an ancient breed from Japan, who was born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, moved to Friendswood, Texas, and now calls Phoenix, Arizona home. He enjoys running almost every day with his mom, chasing rabbits out of his yard, playing with toys, pestering his brother Edmond, eating, napping … well, Kuma loves about everything and everyone! His mom, Lorraine Bossé-Smith, is kind enough to help him tell his story. She is the Founder of the F.I.T. Leader Formula and a certified professional behavior analyst (CPBA) who has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs across the country. She is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, business consultant, executive coach, behavioral-wellness expert, and author of eight published books who helps companies rewire their business for success and inspires people toward a healthier, more balanced life. You can reach Kuma through Lorraine’s website: Be sure to visit Kuma Dog’s Facebook page at

You  never know what he’ll be up to next!