Please allow me to introduce you to the wonderful breed of cats known as Maine Coons.  Lovingly referred to as “Gentle Giants” by those who own them, Maine Coons are considered one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. Despite their large size, Maine Coon cats have a very loving and playful nature which makes them ideal pets, even for families that may already have other pets or even young children.

There are quite a few physical qualities that make this breed really shine. Maine Coons have a unique appearance due to the trademark tufts of hair that appear on their ears, which gives them the appearance of their wilder cousin, the Lynx.  Another thing to take note of is their prominent cheek bones which gives the breed a regal appearance.   Maine Coons can also come in a variety of colors, including orange, black, black smoke, white, and even blue.  Their fur is incredibly soft to the touch and easy to maintain, although brushing may be needed from time to time to prevent matting and excessive hairballs.  

As mentioned before, Maine Coons have an extremely sweet demeanor.  They form bonds with their master quickly and cannot stand to be alone for long stretches of time, which is why it is a good idea to have more than one pet if possible.  Maine Coons are also fond of heights, so it is not unusual to see them climbing on top of furniture. That is why before getting a Maine Coon as a pet, it is a good idea to take into consideration the amount of space they will require.

A lot can be said about Maine Coons, but the final take away is this:  when you add a Maine Coon to your household, you aren’t just getting a pet, you are getting a new family member.  For more information, contact Marina at