Meadowlake Pet Resort Welcomes Tori Hankey

Tori Hankey has been training dogs since 2005.  She has successfully trained a wide variety of breeds from puppies to senior pets using positive training methods.

Through group classes and private consultations Tori has experience with obedience, Canine Good Citizen, therapy dogs, and agility training.  She has several years experience working hands on with dogs in boarding facilities and animal shelters all over Texas and has a special talent connecting with the dogs.

On a personal note, she has a 5 year old Border Collie, Oakley, and 10 month old Pitt Bull, Sookie, that she has trained from puppyhood.  Oakley and Sookie enjoy going to the dog park and attending doggie daycare at Meadowlake to play with their canine friends.  Their favorite activities are playing with tennis balls and frisbees, practicing their obedience training and playing tug of war.

Tori possesses all of the qualities it takes to help you successfully train your dog.  Her experience, knowledge, ability to read dogs, and patience will give you the confidence it takes to have a well behaved dog.

Welcome to Meadowlake Pet Resort Tori!