Find the Dog Breed of Your Dreams at the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows  Photo provided by

As many dog owners know, raising a dog varies in difficulty according to the breed.  Each breed of dog has its own characteristics that may be unknown to potential pet owners.  The Reliant Park World Series of Dog ShowsMeet the Breed ring, running from Friday, July 20 through Sunday July 22, offers spectators a chance to meet more than 110 different breeds, from common to exotic, in a matter of days! Learn from the experts, through these “speed dates”, the advantages and disadvantages of each breed.

The goal of the “Meet the Breed” clinics is to provide individuals with background information about the various dog breeds so they can make an informed decision when choosing a dog to take home.  Meet the Breed is solely an educational forum that focuses on teaching pet owners the needs of different breeds and/or finding a breed that best complements the owner’s lifestyle and home environment.  In an hour span, spectators can get to know the characteristics of up to eight different dog breeds.

Every hour during Meet the breed events, a new group of dogs will be introduced and discussed in detail by experts.  These “mini-dates” provide a quick way for spectators to learn what to expect as a dog owner to a specific breed.  Understanding the specific needs of each breed also keep unwanted dogs from landing in shelters and the city pound.  Meet the Breed is like being

given and instruction manual which helps owners comprehend the varied responsibilities that come with each breed.  Family pets are dependent on their owners for a lifetime of love and care and being a responsible dog owner is an important job requiring a serious commitment.  Taking some time to learn about dog care and the specific needs of a breed can make incorporating a dog into the family an easy and enjoyable process.

Carol Williamson, coordinator for Meet the Breed, says, “This is the best way for potential pet owners to learn what is expected of them as a dog owner.  Matching the owner’s lifestyle to a dog’s needs can help avoid disappointment, minimize frustration and reduce trauma that can affect the family dynamic.”

Meet the Breed schedule will be announced closer to show dates. Each breed will have only one showcase so if there is a certain breed that intrigues you, plan accordingly.

The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows, sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, supervised by Onofrio Dog Shows and sponsored by Purina, is Houston’s must-see dog event! This premier canine event attracts more than 40,000 spectators, participants and vendors. Adult admission is $10 per day at the door or via Ticketmaster. Tickets for senior citizens are $5 and children 12 or younger are $1 with adult.  Visit or follow us on Twitter (@Reliantdogshows) for the latest information.