Speak. A simple command: even a dog can do it, but one day I couldn’t.
I’d lost my voice due to a damaged nerve, and with it, my ability to communicate with the models I directed through 37 years of photo shoots. The silver lining: I finally had the time to experiment with digital photography, but I still need subjects. I found them looking up at me: dogs. I didn’t need words to communicate with my twin Westies, just calm body language, plus a few squeaky toys and treats. I got my voice back, and have been working with dogs ever since. A collection of my dog photos was released as a book, Dogs I’ve Nosed, and was recently followed by a sequel, Dogs I’ve Nosed II;  I hope you enjoy it.

Meet photographer Jack Kenner and get a signed copy of Dogs I’ve Nosed and review his portraits at the:
The Bayou CityArt Festival
Memorial Park
South Picnic Lane
March 26-28
10 AM – 6 PM
See more at www.jackkenner.com