Submitted by Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston,


“No, I’m not color blind; I know the world is black and white. Try to keep an open mind but….I just can’t sleep on this tonight. Stop this train, I want to get off and go home again. I can’t take the speed it’s moving in! I know I can’t; But honestly, won’t someone stop this train? So scared of getting older; I was only good at being young. So I play the numbers game to find a way to say that life has just begun.” It’s tough getting old. Isn’t that what they all say? But others say that life has just begun! Well, let’s start anew then! Let me come to your forever home! I’m Schotzie and I’m a female, salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with cropped ears and a docked tail. I’m about nine years old and I weigh about seventeen pounds. My foster mom says I’m super sweet and that she’s going to miss me when I get adopted. I have good manners and enjoy meeting new people. I even like my vet! I’m crate trained and am nearly house trained. I’m a little set in my ways at this stage. I like my treats put on the floor so I can check them out before putting them in my mouth! I take a lot of naps….I guess it’s part of the aging process….but I quite enjoy that part! I’m afraid of thunderstorms and I like to be held tight when they come. Thundershirt anyone? Yes please. Size small. I’m a curious sort and I like to see all that’s going on. I get along well with other dogs and I can go to a home with or without another four-legged friend to play with. The song is Stop This Train. But I don’t want it to stop just yet. I want that train to keep on rolling right into your loving forever home! Ask for me, Schotzie, on your MSRH adoption application! Adoption Fee: Donation of your choosing; We simply want Schotzie to have a forever home adventure