Looking to adopt a pair of puppies?
Brothers and sisters unite; It’s the time of your lives! Breakdown! Gotta spread love around! Brothers and sisters feel fine; It’s the time of your lives! No sound! Like this feeling you’ve found!” Callie & Odie…a sister and brother united! I’m Odie and that’s my sister Callie Ann . We’re both salt & pepper, Miniature Schnauzers with natural ears and docked tails. We’re are four months old and we’re plus or minus nine pounds. Callie a little minus. I’m a little plus! We’re two active puppies and just a little too active for our current home. We love other dogs and children. Anybody or anything that wants to play, we love ‘em! We play chase and we’re really good at entertaining each other. Callie is more the comedian. I’m more the practical joker! Either way, we’re a ton of fun! We’re both crate trained, know how to use the doggy door and we’re working really hard to finish up our house training program. Maybe 90% there. Just a little more effort. Wait – I see a ball! Focus. Must focus. We do have great personalities and we’d be the perfect addition to an active home where playtime is abundant. We like to go on walks and we’re working on bettering our leash skills. We are great around other dogs and we can go to a home with other dogs or a home where we’re the only four-legged friends. We would like to be adopted together as we’ve been together since birth. So let’s spread some love around! You’ll be glad you did! Ask for us, Odie & Callie Ann on yourMSRH adoption application! Adoption Fee: $900 (for both)
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