Front:  Makenzie Reeves with Keena, Madison Reeves with Ziggy.  Back:  Caylin Keliehor with Meo and Rodeo, Harlie Mobley with Dixie and Rugby, Max Joiner with Edd and Nana, Whitney Ellis with Miley and Tootie, Allie Mays with Bella, Madelyn Williams with Daisy, Cheyenne Diaz with Corky and Delilah, Ashlyn Reeves with Koda and Kloe.

It was another great weekend for Montgomery County at the 41st Annual State 4-H Dog Show.  Best Friends 4-H Dog Project Group took ten kids and 15 dogs to the show in Belton, TX, for three days of competition.  Over 100 dogs from more than 25 counties across the state took part in the annual event, July 8 – 10th, which showcases the 4-H member’s training skills and preparation for conformation, showmanship, obedience, rally, agility, costume, drill team, and tricks.

Caylin Keliehor, Intermediate, and her papillon, Meo, placed 1st in 4-H Graduate Novice Obedience, 1st in Advanced Rally, 2nd in Novice Standard Agility, 2nd in Novice Jumpers Agility, and Intermediate High in Trial Agility.  With her corgi, Rodeo, she placed 7th in Herding Conformation, 3rd in Open Showmanship, 2nd in Pre-Novice B Obedience, 6th in Novice B Rally, and 6th in Novice Jumpers Agility.

Whitney Ellis, Senior, and her boston terrier/boxer mix, Tootie, placed 4th in Novice B Obedience, 1st in Novice C Rally, and 2nd in Novice Standard Agility.

Harlie Mobley, Intermediate, and her border collie, Dixie, placed 1st in Novice B Obedience, 1st in Novice B Rally, Intermediate High in Trial Obedience, 2nd in Novice Showmanship, 4th in Freestyle Drill, 1st in Novice Standard Agility, and 5th in Novice Jumpers Agility.  With her sheltie, Rugby, she placed 3rd in Novice B Obedience, 4th in Advanced Rally, 1st in Excellent Standard Agility, and 1st in Excellent Jumpers Agility.

Max Joiner, Intermediate, and his coon hound mix, Edd, placed 5th in Novice Standard Agility, 5th in Novice A Rally, 7th in Novice A Obedience, and 9th in Mixed Breeds 56+ LB Conformation.  With his basset hound mix, Nana, he placed 3rd in Novice Standard Agility, 7th in Novice A Rally, and 9th in Novice Jumpers Agility.

Ashlyn Reeves, Senior, and her corgi, Koda, placed 1st in 4-H Graduate Novice Obedience, 1st in Novice 4-H Rally, and 2nd in Novice Jumpers Agility.  With her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Kloe, she placed 4th in Specials Conformation and 3rd in Open Showmanship.

Madison Reeves, Junior, and her corgi, Ziggy, placed 1st in Herding Conformation, 3rd in Pre-Novice Showmanship, and 4th in Pre-Novice Jumpers Agility.

Makenzie Reeves, Junior, and her papillon/pomeranian mix, Keena, placed 1st in Pre-Novice A Obedience, Junior High in Trial Obedience, 5th in Pre-Novice Showmanship, 6th in Mixed Breeds 25- LB Conformation, and 1st in Pre-Novice Jumpers Agility.  She also received the Sportsmanship award.

Madi Williams, Junior, and her pointer/pit mix, Daisy, placed 2nd in Mixed Breed Specials Conformation, 3rd in Novice Showmanship, 1st in Novice A Obedience, 5th in Costume, 3rd in Novice Standard Agility, 1st in Novice Jumpers Agility, Junior High in Trial Agility, and High Point Junior.

Allie Mays, Intermediate, and her cattle dog mix, Bella, placed 9th in Novice A Rally and 10th in Novice Jumpers Agility.

Cheyenne Diaz, Intermediate, and her chihuahua/papillon mix, Corky placed 7th in Pre-Novice B Rally, 4th in Novice Standard Agility, and 6th in Novice Jumpers Agility.  With her lab/boxer mix, Delilah, she placed 4th in Pre-Novice B Obedience, 4th in Mixed Breeds 26-55 LB Conformation and 7th in Pre-Novice Showmanship.

Montgomery County also won the Cleanest County award.

The Montgomery County Best Friends 4-H Dog Project Group will hold its first practice of the 2011/2012 4-H year, on Thursday, September 15th, 6:30pm, at the 4-H Extension Office in Conroe.  Mixed breed and unregistered dogs are allowed, as well as purebred and registered dogs.  4-H membership and pre-registration is required.  Skills practiced include obedience, showmanship, rally, agility, and drill team.   Members may just train and learn about the care, and handling of dogs, or also show.  About three 4-H shows are attended per year before State. The group also performs various community service activities, including working with shelters and as ring stewards at local AKC shows.  For more information, please contact Amy Keliehor at 936-539-3638.  Extension programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.