Charlie2I wouldn’t exactly call it living, perhaps surviving would be a better term. I often get posts of animals in need and it can be overwhelming. I can’t help them all but when I see images of these poor dogs suffering, I can’t stand it. So, here it is..I’m posting this, sending a donation and hoping you will too.

Michelle Mantor, Editor, Houston PetTalk Magazine

Deborah Hoffman, a wonderful lady who helps rescue dogs from our infamous Corridor of Cruelty, has reached out to “Charlie” and here is her post:

About a week ago….. this little guy was spotted off Dodson near the Sak N Save in the Corridor of Cruelty. Our feeding station volunteer snapped photos and told us that she thought he was dying. He was snarly and not easy to approach. Others tried to find him later in the week but couldn’t. On Saturday, a volunteer did find him on the same pile of trash and asked me what to do. I figured it would only be a mercy mission, but go ahead and bring him to our clinic. I simply couldn’t take on another dog…… and this little guy surely couldn’t be salvaged. NOT TRUE!!! After learning of his tail wagging, and the sweet look in his eye, I decided that I would consider carefully what my vet had to say after examining him. I thought maybe some miracle would allow me to give him a chance. So far, one miraculous fact is that little Charlie is heartworm negative. However, the rest of the story is not so good – he has a broken leg, serious eye infections, and a bad case of demodectic mange. Everything manageable enough except for the mounting bills at the clinic and this making 8 dogs I have in boarding. If anyone would like to contribute to his care and the others that Corridor Rescue is currently nursing back to health thru heartworm treatment (2), mange (2), eye disease (2), broken bones (4), and other assorted maladies, please phone or mail a payment to our clinic at:

Abbott Animal Clinic
17006 Sugar Pine Dr.
Houston, TX 77090
OPEN until 10pm EVERY night.

FOSTERS URGENTLY NEEDED TOO!! Please contact me for a list/photos of our dogs that need TLC in a foster home ASAP.