By: Diana Herrera LVT CHPT cCAETA, Aquamation Supervisor

BluePearl Pet Aquamation 

Losing a beloved pet can be a difficult and emotional experience. As a pet caregiver, thinking about what aftercare option is right for you and your beloved pet before you say goodbye means you won’t have to feel distress about that choice when your pet’s time to say goodbye arrives. 


The way people care for their loved ones after passing varies from place to place and includes a wide variety of ceremonies and rituals that commemorate the connection created in life. This type of care is not exclusively reserved for humans; throughout history, animals have also been treated and honored with the same respect and dignity. 


Aftercare is a showing of appreciation, care, and a way to strengthen a bond with a loved one. It is of such importance that many cultures consider it sacred, and some believe it is just the beginning of a new journey that simply continues after life. 


In modern times, caregivers have different aftercare options for their loved ones. Families can choose from flame-based cremation, home burials or Aquamation (water-based cremation.) These choices are available for families based on their personal preferences and the legal requirements of the location (home burials).   You may also want to take the time to honor your pet’s memory through creating a memorial or keepsake. In the last few years, more options have become available as keepsakes. Many families choose to keep a clay paw print, ink print, a small clipping of the pet’s fur, create a jewelry piece, etc.  

Water-based cremation (alkaline hydrolysis), known as Aquamation, is becoming increasingly popular. Aquamation is an eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation and home burial. It is a process that gently uses water instead of fire to return a body back to Mother Nature.  


The process of Aquamation uses 90% less energy than flame-based cremation, there are no emissions of harmful greenhouse gases or mercury and there is no burning of fossil fuels at any point during the process. (Because of the way the Aquamation process works, families can receive 20% more ash remains.) If your family is considering Aquamation for your pet, it is important to work with a reputable provider with experience in Aquamation services. 


Aftercare is an important part of pet ownership, and Aquamation is a promising option for pet owners seeking a gentler, more eco-friendly method. The eco-friendly nature of Aquamation honors not only your pet, but the future of our planet.