Pet cremation has become very popular as our pets become a bigger, more important part of our family.  But what are some of the details in pet cremation?

At Live Oak Pet Services, we help vet clinics as well as individual pet owners.  For pets that pass at home, Live Oak is available to arrange a home pickup.  Most pet owners go to their trusted veterinary clinic when the time comes to say goodbye to their beloved companion.  The vet clinic will assist the owner in deciding about having their pet cremated.  Live Oak will then go by the clinic and pickup the pet.  It is important to understand that each pet owner has the option to choose their cremation provider.  They do not have to use the specific one the vet clinic recommends.  Ask your vet clinic who they recommend and do some research on the cremation provider to find out what types of services they provide. 

There are different types of pet cremation.  At Live Oak Pet Services, we provide 3 types.  The main one is a Private cremation.  The pet is cremated by themselves in the cremation chamber and just that pet’s remains are returned to the owner.  We offer complimentary urn options as well as a wide selection of special order urns and other keepsake items.  Most people think they are getting back their pet’s “ashes”.  The proper term is remains.  It refers to what remains after the cremation process.  Remains are the bone structure of the pet.  They are pulverized into a small, uniform consistency so that they can be easily placed into an urn. 

We also offer a Memorial cremation.  This cremation type will have a few animals, usually 2-3, cremated together in the chamber.  We then take those remains and bury them under our memorial tree on our property.  The pet owners can come out and pay their respects to the site.  Some even choose to add burial markers under the memorial tree.  The remains are not returned to the owner. 

The last type of cremation we do is a General cremation.  This type is often called Communal cremation.  Multiple animals are cremated together in a large batch.  We then take those remains and bury them on our property, though not in any specific location.  We only provide this type to our veterinary clinics as a way for them to take care of the pets that need to be euthanized, but where the owners to not wish to have the remains returned. 

Other crematories may do a different type of cremation called a Partitioned or Segregated cremation.  In this type the animals are separated in the chamber in pans or by bricks or other devices.  The remains are possibly comingled with other animals.  But the remains are still returned to the owner.  This is not the same as a Private cremation.  Live Oak Pet Services does not perform this type of cremation. 

Live Oak Pet Services has been specializing in pet cremation for almost 14 years.  We service all areas from Houston to College Station and surrounding areas. 

By: Scott Mason, Live Oak Pet Services