We don’t want to worry about having to evacuate our pets so do not wait until the last minute to plan ahead!

1.      Do not leave your pet behind.  Don’t take the chance they might get out and go missing or even worse, lose their life.    If you don’t have a family or friend’s home that you can evacuate to, click here for pet friendly evacuation shelters.   Bring a photo of your pet and their medical records with you which includes vaccinations records or a letter from your vet indicating the reason your pet is not receiving vaccinations.  This is something to have ready BEFORE an emergency arises.

2.      Take with you everything you will need for your pet – food (can opener) & water for 2 weeks, bowls, medications, supplements, bedding, litter/litter box, crate, collar (best for them to be wearing along with a tag), leash and first aid kit.  But also take with you Bach flower Rescue remedy.  Click here to learn more about flower essences.  If they become very frightened, this will help to calm them (and good for you too).  You can purchase this at many health food stores including Whole Foods.  Ginger is helpful if they get car sick.  A homeopathy kit is very helpful too if they become ill.  It’s great for the whole family and is very helpful especially when you can’t get to a vet or doctor.

3.      Click here to see a video to help you make the proper preparations  in the event of an emergency.                                                                     

These are simple things to do.  So be ready!