Why is that we dogs and cats have to eat dry, boring, processed pellets called “food” all the while our humans are sitting down to sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, tasty casseroles and yummy rotisserie baked chickens? And, right in front of our noses I might add!

Do you actually think we don’t smell that good stuff on your dinner plate? With the ability to smell at least 16 times better than you, imagine the torture of eating our cardboard pellets while the aroma of a freshly grilled steak wafts up our nostrils. I can only think of one thing worse….that you drop the steak on the floor in front of us and ask us to “leave it”.

Ok, so I asked my mom this question about our seemingly repressed treatment when it comes to food. She explained (rather unconvincingly) that all of the sauces, fats, spices and so forth in human food would just upset our tummies and not be good for use. That’s BS of course. So I said, “Well, I’m willing to take a chance on that mom”. Nothing doing.

We eventually settled on a compromise. She promised to buy me the best quality kibble on the market that had a whole source protein as the first ingredient (Turkey, Lamb, Chicken) and the next several ingredients being whole grains (barley, oats, brown rice, not brewers rice!) and that we could find the one I thought was tastiest. To date, my faves are Wellness Pet Food’s “Core”, Natura Pet’s “Karma” and Californial Natural. In addition buying my favorite “daily” food, mom also agreed to cottage cheese, carrots, eggs, potatoes, bananas and apples as snacks. Oh..and here is the really cool part: Mom says if I’m really good, she will take me to Sasha’s Suds N Duds or Woof Bakery for special treats (with icing!).