DSCF1585Remember the good ‘ol days when the doctor would travel miles to see patients?  One of Houston’s own is bringing back those days of personalized, detailed, compassionate and devoted attention to the Texas family of humans and their pets, Dr. Jackie Doval, D.C.

Dr. Doval has been providing chiropractic services since 1992.  Her patients are adults, children and pets too! “I am the chiropractor for ALL walks of life.  I treat horses, dogs, cats and people who don’t kick or bite,” laughs Dr. Doval.  Aside from her stationary practice in Montrose, she has a mobile practice of which she notes, “If I haven’t driven there, I’ve flown there!”

Located at Westheimer and Taft, Dr. Doval’s office is a very comfortable and peaceful place for healing. She is truly someone that is welcoming and puts her human and animal patients at ease immediately. “Being a true family chiropractor brings me joy. I’m not like the serious doctors portrayed on TV.  I don’t wear “the white coat”.  It’s just not me,” says Dr. Doval.

Being a good communicator and taking time with each patient is also a trademark of this nationally and internationally respected chiropractor. Just who are some of her patients?  TV/movie personalities, a Kentucky Derby winner, canine performance athletes, famous YouTube canine personalities with their humans as well as neighbors, friends and anyone in need of pain management.

Unlike for humans, Texas state law requires veterinary clients to obtain a referral from their treating veterinarian before seeking chiropractic care. Veterinarians from all over the world have referred their patients to Dr. Doval, who has the basic and advanced training certificates approved from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). The AVCA is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year setting the highest of standards for post-graduate education and certification for chiropractors and veterinarians.

Pets that come to Dr. Doval for treatment may have sports injuries, accident injuries, arthritis, nerve problems or other maladies. Not only can Dr. Doval help your pet via chiropractic and exercise, she has a solid network of traditional and complimentary human and veterinary healers: a rolfer, massage therapists, trigger point therapists, animal rehabilitation specialists, animal communicators and holistic veterinary acupuncturists and chiropractic-friendly referring veterinarians.

Chiropractic can be an excellent pain reliever or solution for overall wellness. If you or your pet experience aches, radiating pain, odd gait or stiffness call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Doval at 713.627.9355. Visit www.docjackie.com to download veterinary referral forms.