Would you like to see your pooch in an upcoming issue of Houston PetTalk? We are looking for several doggie models to appear in our Annual March Training Issue:

1. A puppy that will be between the ages of 10-14 weeks (approximately) by the 3rd week of January when photos will be taken. We know puppies are full of energy but this little pup needs to at least sit still for a few seconds to snap a photo:)!!

2. A dog that can do a “trick” such as sit up on it’s hind legs (beg), give a high five, sit and stay on command without the owner standing in front of the dog.

3. A very photogenic dog (unusual markings, unusual breed)

4. One of the following breeds: Yorkie, Maltese, Papillon (small breed)

5. If you just have a super dog you want to submit, that’s ok too!

Photos will be taken during the day, third week of January. Please submit a photo and description of your dog to info@houstonpettalk.com, subject line PhotoShoot by Jan. 4.