IMG_2353Skip the card, Say it in the Yard!

Have a special occasion coming up? Want a unique way to point guests to the party or a super surprise when the celebrant arrives? Try a yard greeting from Memorial Yard Greeting! Perfect for a doggy birthday party in the yard, an anniversary, recent engagements, new puppy parties, graduations, sports events, or any other celebration.  Schedule your visit from the Yard Card Fairies today!!  They offer a wide variety of yard greetings.  It’s such a fun way to send a message!

Rentals are priced at $75 in the delivery area.  An additional $25 fuel charge may be added for destinations out of our area.

Rentals are for 24 hours.  Most greetings are delivered at approximately 9:00pm and picked up the following evening at the same time.  Price includes your yard greeting delivery, setup and pickup.  An additional day may be added for ½ of your original price.


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