Walking ElephantLearn how you can help wild elephants
The elephant is one of Africa’s most iconic species. Over 30 years ago, elephants numbered more than 1 million, yet today the population is closer to 500,000. Illegal poaching, habitat loss and conflict with local farming communities are the main causes of the dissapearance of these magestic creatures. The Houston Zoo has partnered with conservation groups who work to reduce threats and promote harmonious living between people and wildlife. Without help, the elephant populations could be completely lost in a number of countries across Africa by 2025.

You can help by donating, educating yourself and others, and joining the Houston Zoo in their efforts to raise $250,000 this fall. They funding will go towards a wide range of programs in regions where their field partners are working on the ground to help elephants in the wild. The programs help ward off elephants from farming communities by placing bee hives on the outer edges of the communities, reducing demand for ivory products, preventing ivory trafficking, and monitoring the elephant population. Click on the links below to find out more about what you can do to prevent this species from disappearing.

Check out the Houston Zoo’s online auction, all proceeds benefit elephant conservation.
Donate to the Elephant Crisis Campaign.
Visit the zoo for the Elephant Open House Sept. 21 from 8-10:30 am to learn about these wonderful creatures.
Join the March for Elephants on October 4th at 11 am.
Attend the Conservation Gala on October 9th. Register soon!