Submitted by Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston: If you are interested in adopting this cutie pie, contact Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston to find out more, 713-513-7811.

Sanford aka “Sammy”

“Have you seen her? So fine and pretty – fooled me with her style and ease! And I feel her, from across the room – yes, it’s love in the third degree! Ooh, baby baby, won’t-cha turn your head my way? Take a chance – you’re old enough to dance the night away! A live wire, barely a beginner, but just watch that lady go. She’s on fire, ’cause dancin’ gets her higher than anything else she knows! Well don’t skip romance ’cause you’re old enough to dance the night away!” Dancing the night away with me in your loving arms….that’s what I’m looking for! I’m Sanford, but my foster mom calls me Sammy, and I’m a male, dark salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m about 4 years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds. I am the perfect family pet! No, really. Perfect! I am a very affectionate guy preferably around adults.  I like children, but get a little nervous if they get too active. I love to be petted and will cuddle with you as long as your hand keeps moving! Overall, where you go, I go….and I have the skills that make that easy! I’m good in a car, walk well on a leash and I know all my basic commands. Tap the floor and I lay down right in front of you! I prefer to sleep in a big human bed at night but I will also sleep in my doggy bed without making any fuss. I’m crate trained but I don’t want to go to a home where I’ll be crated regularly. I’m completely house trained and there’s really no need. I get along OK with other dogs if they are submissive in nature. I like to be in charge and I don’t like other dogs sniffing at my food! A home where I’m your only four-legged friend is probably the ideal place for me. The music is playing. What are you waiting for? Let’s Dance The Night Away! Ask for me, Sanford, on your MSRH adoption application! Adoption fee: $350 which includes neutering, microchipping, all shots and a, dental cleaning.