School is back in session. Now is the perfect time for you to get to class and learn how you can help your pet live a healthy, happy life the natural way! Education is the key to the future of our children and educating yourself is the key to the future of our pets.  The Lightfoot Way is launching a new series of holisitc care classes this Fall at Urban Tails Doggy Daycare in Midtown/downtown Houston.  

  • Dancing, Dogies and Dharma – begins September 7th once a week  for four weeks. Learn how to have fun with your dog while instilling discipline (your dog will never know he is being obedient). You will  strengthen the bond between the two of you and learn yoga techniques to help calm and relax not only your dog, but you, as well.  These are great activities to do with your dog, especially going into the winter months because they can be done indoors, outdoors  or anywhere. You do not need a lot of space to work their brain.  Remember, the mind is a terrible thing to waste!  If you miss this class, we will offer it again in the Spring.
  • Intro to Natural Pet Care Tools –  October 12th – Build your own, natural first aid kit. Learn what items you should always have on hand. It may surprise you to learn what amazing remedies you probably already have in your kitchen!   Learn  how to strengthen the immune system naturally. Vaccination protocol – what to do before and after vaccines. Learn what to do in the case of sudden trauma, whether it is easily applied acupressure points or a wrap that calms instantly. Learn where emergency clinics are located in and around Houston and which  holistic vets are in the area. 
  •  Pet Food Selection and NutritionOctober 27th – Learn how to make  nutritional repairs to your pet’s diet,  and the which, when, what and why supplements. Learn what ingredients you want in your pet’s food and which ingredients you should avoid in your pet’s food by learning how to read the pet food labels. Get the right diet for your pet – learn how to select the correct proteins, and whether your pet should be fed grains, kibble, canned, raw, frozen or home-cooked.
  • How to Help Allergies (Allergies 101) –  November 9th – Learn natural ways to to help clear up skin conditions, hair loss,  hot spots, granulomas and get rid of mosquitos and fleas. Some, if not most allergies can be overcome just by changing or adjusting the diet. Did you know that the all natural Bragg’s brand apple cider vinegar can do wonders for skin issues and can be taken internally as well as applied topically.
  • How to Help Age and Mobility Issues –     We all age, and dogs and cats can get arthritis, lose their hearing and their eye sight just like we can. Learn what you can do naturally to give your beloved pet of many years comfort and a renewed leased on life feeling great without pain. For instance, fish oil such as salmon oil is not only a great Omega 3 that is essential to the diet, but it is also a very effective joint supplemnent that can have positive affects on arthritis and joint discomfort.
  • How to Help Behavioral Issues –   Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Fear? Grief? Lack of mental focus or Attention Deficit Disorder? Learn what will help bring balance back and how to overcome these emotional blockages.

 These classes will be offered in October and early November at Urban Tails located at 1618 WebsterClick here for The Lightfoot Way class schedule and dates.  No dog or cat shall be left behind, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the class that your pet needs you to learn.

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Make holistic animal care a way of life, not a last resort!