Each season is connected to and resonates with an element of the earth known as the Five Elements. We know that everything in the universe is connected through energy, so it makes sense that during a given season a certain emotion, organ, physical body part and even color are connected to each element. Recognizing these attributes and the time of year they are occurring  will give you a good idea of how to treat any issue and bring your pet back into balance.  

  • Winter is the Water element and is the season of the kidney and the urinary tract.  If your cat has urinary infections and they usually arise during the winter it may be an indication that she is a water element cat and susceptible to kidney or bladder issues. Is she fearful or skiddish? Does she exhibit arthritis?  The emotion connected to the winter months and the water element is fear and the physical body is the bones. Naturally, the color is blue (winter blues). Blue  is the color of the throat chakra. 
  •  Spring is the Wood element and is the season for the liver and the gall bladder. During this season your dog may be itching all over, but there is no apparent reason – no fleas, no hot spots, just crazed with scracthing and he may be agitated, angry and anxious during the Spring. Does he develop congunctivitis in his eyes or are they watery?  These are all wood elementals and occur in the Spring. The color for the wood element is green, the heart chakra.
  • Summer is the Fire element and the season for the heart. Your cat or dog may have excess heat in the ears or inflamed, redenning of the skin and tongue.  This would indicate an imbalance of that organ.  The Summer dog is quite joyful, but can exhibit excessive excitement making him restless in nature. Red is the color of the fire element (no surprise) and the root chakra.   
  • Late Summer is the Earth element and associated with the stomach and the spleen. Your cat may experience digestive issues, a bout of pancreatitus or be slow or fatigued easily with achy muscles. Does he pace at the door waiting as if he is worried? Worry is the emotion of the earth element and the color is yellow.  Sunshine always cheers one up from worry. Yellow is the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the stomach area – see how it all connects?  
  • Fall is the Metal element connected to the lung and large intestine, and your pet could develop allergies or flaky skin/hair or have a dry or runny nose. He may seem as if he is sad or suffering grief.  White is the color for metal and is most often the chakra located above the crown (top of the head). White contains all colors and symbolizes purity, thus illuminating our thoughts and bringing clarity.    

The Five Element Theory shows us how everything is a cycle and is connected. Understanding this process and life energy or Chi can help us stay balanced and keep our pets in homeostatis. To learn more about how to keep the balance and what foods or herbs to feed during each season come to a workshop on health and homeopathy.

Keep in mind that as the seasons change, so will your pet’s moods and  physical issues. I hope this will give you a better understanding of why your pet may be behaving in a certain way and to show you what you may need to take a closer look at through out the year.