fiesta-duo2Many of you may remember several stories we have published regarding suffering animals in a section of town called the “Corridor of Cruelty”, near HY 59 and W. Little York. Some very determined Houston animal protectors, including Deborah Hoffman who spearheads the Corridor Rescue group along with folks from Scout’s Honor Rescue have once again managed to “corral” two more pitiful pups and get them much needed medical care. 

View their images in the gallery below.

The two dogs featured are Buck and Bo. Per Deborah’s comments, rounding them up wasn’t so easy! “Buck was easy to leash up and get into the truck but not so with Bo.  He took us for quite a ride and it took 4 attempts to get him.  Buck went to Abbott’s on Sunday night, and after a residential backyard chase and round-up in the Corridor, his buddy Bo joined him :)”.

 Abbot Animal Clinic is helping care for these animals but donations are definitely needed! If our fellow animal lovers can take their time and risk injury to get these dogs to the veterinarian, I hope we can all help a little with donating to their cause. 

And, EVERYONE can help by spaying and neutering; adopting pets when possible and educating your fellow citizens. 

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To donate, please visit Scout’s Honor online or send donations to: 

Abbott Animal Clinic
17006 Sugar Pine @ FM1960
Houston, TX 77090 

PHONE: 281-893-5000