Jo Dunham, owner of Joasis, has always loved to entertain and loves all dogs. After one of her dogs, Goose, went away to hunt training and was training daily in lakes across America, it became apparent she needed to put in a pool for her spoiled dogs.  With a pool on her property, Jo and her two Golden Retrievers could swim anytime without waiting for an invitation from a friend with a pool. Joasis is a swim resort with dock-diving for dogs.

After seeing Dock Diving on TV, Jo decided to add a dock for her pups, too. One evening while talking to her mom about how other dogs and their owners would really enjoy sharing her space and learning to swim and Dock Dive, Jo got the idea for Joasis.  A friend of hers always referred to her home as “the Joasis”, so the name stuck.

Joasis opened in March 2020 in the Greater Heights area.  Technically they are in G.O.O.F. (Garden Oaks/ Oak Forest) and are proud to be one of the eclectic businesses in the 900 block of Wakefield.  

Joasis has quickly grown into a place where dogs, both young and old, learn to love the water. Some dogs already love the water while others come to be introduced to water in a safe way. Many dogs come to Joasis to face long-time fears. Many people bring their dogs to Joasis seeking gentle exercise for an elderly or recovering dog or a special needs dog (3-legged, deaf, partially blind). Joasis is also the a fabulously fun place for birthday parties!

Once a client and they know your dog, the staff can combine your dog with other dogs who are a similar age, breed and activity level for doggy play dates.  Dogs need to socialize and Joasis is a place they can meet and play safely.

Joasis teamed up with Marcia Morgan to create 2 one-of-a-kind classes. Socialization for EVERY Dog and Water Sports and Pool Games for Dogs. Check out for details on both of these original classes. Classes are kept small in size and are a safe activity during this pandemic.

Joasis is also a great place to learn and train in the sport of Dock Diving.  Jo Dunham has two Golden Retrievers who are nationally ranked in Distance, Air Retrieve and Hydro Dash, and she understands the ins and outs of the sport.

Clients describe coming to Joasis like coming over to a good friend’s backyard to have fun with their dog. Jo and her sister Lainie, who also sees clients, love what they do.  Come experience their hospitality and see what they can inspire your dog to do! Don’t forget that Joasis is a swim resort with dock-diving for dogs!