Cypress Custom Pools would like to give you some pool safety tips.  In this warmer weather, being outside by the pool is where most of us spend our days and that’s no different for our dogs! There are so many details to consider when making an investment like a swimming pool and pet safety is definitely one that needs to be added to the list. Here’s some water safety advice to make sure you and your pup have fun! Summer can be fun and safe for EVERYONE! Swimming pool safety for pets is important, we hope you find good tips in this article.

Some breeds are more excited about swimming than others. Notice your dog’s reaction to the pool and be aware of their skills and abilities in water. Regardless of your dogs initial reaction, all dogs can become fond of the family pool especially when they see everyone else having fun. To help encourage that your dog has a safe and happy experience in the family pool, here are some helpful tips:

  • Don’t assume your dog can swim: Familiarize them with water from a young age (if possible). For some dogs, carrying them into the pool and gently lowering them into the water is the first step to get them swimming. 
  • Familiarize them with the pool: The first few times your dog gets in the pool they won’t know where they can safely exit. Smaller dogs as well as older dogs, are especially at risk of drowning if they cannot find proper exits. Swim with them and show them the exits. It’s helpful to put them in from different points of the pool and show them where all the possible exits are.
  • Always supervise: No matter how strong of a swimmer your dog might be, you can never know when an emergency situation might come up! This holds especially true for older dogs that might have health issues such as arthritis or vision loss, and smaller dogs. Take the necessary precautions such as fences or barriers for when you aren’t around. 
  • Chlorine Ingestion: Chlorine could be harmful or make them sick. Make sure to always have fresh water readily available at all times, especially during hot days when they are swimming with the family.
  • Post swim care: Be sure to rinse off your dog after taking a swim!  Chlorine along with other pool chemicals can lead to a dry coat and skin irritations. Be especially mindful of areas such as their ears or under their collar, they tend to remain damp and could lead to ear infections or further skin irritation. 

If you are starting the process of designing your custom pool, this is a great time to add details around the pool to make it accessible for your dog. Sun shelves are especially popular for dogs! Make the shelf as deep as your dog’s legs, if you have a smaller dog opt for an even shallower sun shelf. More benches and steps offer added areas to rest as well as more options to exit the pool.

Extra tip: installing a Cyclone pre-filter, like we use in our pools, helps catch dog hair before it ever reaches the filter. This keeps your filter cleaner for longer. Swimming pool safety for pets is important, so let’s do our part to keep them safe and happy!

By: Cypress Custom Pools