by William Dougherty, Advertures In Birds

If a talking pet appeals to you, an Amazon or African Grey might be what you’re looking for. They are some of the best talkers. They can be boisterous, clever, and very entertaining. They are very smart and will test their owners.

It’s best to consider talking a bonus rather than a requisite characteristic when choosing your pet. Choose a young, well-socialized bird and love him for his many fine qualities, whether or not talking is among them. The friendly and very vocal behavior of these domestic birds clearly stems from the fact that in the wild these are very social birds.

The African Grey Parrot has been called “the perfect mix of brains and beauty”. Much of the notoriety of this species stems from the phenomenal gift of speech Greys exhibit.

Some studies suggest that Greys and some Amazons don’t just mimic but can use words learned in new combinations to convey new wants, needs and desires.

The three Amazons, which are known to be the best talkers, are the Yellow Nape, Yellow Head and the Blue Front. In addition to learning a large vocabulary, many will also whistle, sing and mimic household sounds.

The Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot is a popular pet parrot because they are very affectionate and easy to train. Napes are excellent “talkers” and their vocabularies can be quite extensive. Singing is also a favorite past time of Yellow Napes.

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