saddog [320x200]Hope you had a great holiday.  Today I’d like to build on what I talked about last week.  Last time we focused on the power of the spoken word.  Now I’d like to talk to you about the power of the unspoken word.  Yes, I’m talking about talking to your animal on a telepathic level.  And yes, anyone can do it.  It helps you to actually hear/know what they are saying.  Most people would love to be able to do this with their pets or animals they are trying to help.  Some things you need to know:

  • There is body language/behavior and most people recognize certain behaviors with animals but animal communication goes far beyond that.  It is beyond the physical – beyond what you simply see.
  • You need to understand that animals can talk to one another.  It is called interspecies communication.  Dogs talk to other dogs but they also talk to cats and birds for instance.  A cat may talk to a dog or a mouse.  If you have multiple pets in your home, they can talk to one another.  Wild animals talk to one another and domestic animals can talk to wild animals.  It does not matter what species it is.  Humans are a species too and we fit right into the equation so to speak.  We ALL have this ability to talk to each other.  That is why it is called “interspecies”.
  • Animals are so happy when they find out their owners are having someone talk to them (an animal communicator) and better yet, they are thrilled when their owners learn how to actually hear them!
  • If you are more left brained, this can be a hard concept for you to grasp and believe (as can be energy work and other modalities that are not “tangible”).  However, anyone, even the die hard left brained analytical, rational types, can actually open up more of their right brained side (the intuitive side).  By doing so, this allows everyone to be able to communicate with animals.  It is simply about waking up and bringing forward this ability inside yourself.

So, you may ask, what truly are the benefits of talking to animals in this capacity.  You may be thinking you get along just fine and wonder if doing this could actually make anything better in your pet’s life.  Well, let me tell you there are many wonderful benefits:

  • By talking to your animal, you can find out answers to simple questions like what is your favorite food.  You probably can guess that but if it is an animal that will eat anything, then finding out their favorite can be challenging.  You can even ask them something fun like “What is your favorite color?” or “Where do you want to go on vacation?”.
  • You can find out answers to complex questions such as “What is your purpose in my life?” or “What is my purpose in life?” or “What can I learn from you?”.  You may wonder how on earth they could tell you about yourself and give you guidance, but I can tell you it absolutely happens.  Animals are very sentient beings and are also very spiritual.  They want to see you succeed.  Heck, they are in your life to help you whether or not you bought them, adopted them or someone gave them to you.  Animals even take on physical illnesses to try to help us or to make a point so that we do seek the knowledge to try to heal ourselves.  They can and do answer “deep” questions all of the time.
  • If you are having behavioral problems, you can find out what is going on.  Like maybe your cat is not happy that you are not at home as often anymore and they are urinating outside the litter box.  Or maybe one of your dogs tries to fight with the other dog.  You can ask them why they are behaving this way and either offer a reward for good behavior or give them an alternative.  Like if your cat urinates inside the litter box, you will give them a special treat or spend extra time with them then you normally do (offering a positive consequence).  Or you tell the dog that wants to fight that if it does it again, it will be placed in a crate for a certain duration (offering a negative consequence).  Most animals want to make things work out and really, they just want you to HEAR their story of why they are behaving a certain way.  Most animals do not want negative consequences.  But remember it is important to always try to understand why an animal is acting a certain way – do they have a health condition that is causing the behavior, do they just want more of your attention, do they not understand why something changed in the household, are they jealous of another animal, etc.
  • If you are not sure what is going on with an animal, especially one you adopted, you can ask them what happened to them before they came to you.  Knowing this information can shed a lot of light as to why an animal is acting a certain way.  It can help you get through the difficulty.
  • If your animal is lost, you can help find them or have them find you by talking to them.
  • If your animal is not feeling well, you can find out what they think would help them to feel better.  This does not replace taking them to the vet to find out what is going on.  It just means getting their insight because yes, sometimes they know exactly what kind of health issue they have or maybe they simply want a fluffy new bed instead of the more flat one they have.  You can also go into their body to feel what they are feeling.  You see, animals are stoic and they don’t look at pain quite like we do.  They are very accepting of it.  By feeling what they are feeling in their body, it helps you to understand more of what is going on, especially if it is something that is not quite obvious on the outside.
  • And when you are considering putting your animal to sleep and wanting to know if it is time, yes, your animal can tell you.  And while this may be very hard to grasp, it is very comforting to know that after your animal passes, you can talk to them in spirit just as easily as if they were right here with you.  No, it does not replace having them right here next to you, because that is something nothing can replace, but being able to communicate with them and find out how they are doing, what guidance they have for you, how do they feel about you getting another pet or even would they like to come back to you, those are all questions your animal can answer.  And yes, animals do have souls and many animals have had multiple lifetimes here.  Many animals have been with their owners before AND they want to continue their journey with them.
  • And ultimately, talking to your animal increases the bond like never before.

Animal communication can be difficult for some to grasp but I can tell you it is REAL.  While I would like to believe everyone believes it is possible, I know that is not the case.  I can tell you my heart goes out to those that do not believe in this because I KNOW it is true.  I have provided this service more than any other because that is what people want more than anything.  I’ve taught this workshop more than any other because it is the most popular.  I just want you to realize how much better your relationship can be and how animals are an incredible resource.  I know some of you want to know how you can do this.  It is simply through meditations and exercises to awaken that right side of the brain.  A few can learn from a book or CD’s, some can learn from a teleclass, but most people need a workshop to teach them how to do this.  It is because it is only human nature to doubt oneself.  It takes a leap of faith to do this.  In my opinion, it is best learned in a group setting.  I do not teach this privately because of this.  Most people learn animal communication best in a small group environment, where they have each other’s support.  You get validation from people you’ve never met.  That helps you with that leap of faith.

Animals are truly windows to our souls and doorways to our spiritual destinies.  Wherever you are, consider getting a book to learn more or signing up for a class.  Do whatever you can to help strengthen that relationship with the animals you love.  And they in return will greatly appreciate you for it and reward you in a way you never dreamed possible.  I speak from my heart and my soul.

Next week we will talk about holiday hazards you should be aware of.   As always, if you would like me to address a specific behavioral or health issue, just let me know.

Blessings to you and the animals you love!