ShelbyMichellePhilhCrp2By Michelle Mantor, Editor

Dear Readers,

I need your help! Publishing Houston PetTalk month after month for many years has brought me great joy, a stressful work schedule, new friends and of course new information. I’m always learning more about pets and their owners.

It’s my hope that we bring interesting editorial to you each month. Many readers confirm that they enjoy and learn from our editorial and that it’s one aspect that makes our publication the nexus for pet information in Houston. I truly appreciate that feedback and I’m thrilled to know readers find value in the magazine.

As the editor, I am constantly overwhelmed by information that is “pushed” from PR firms regarding new product launches, special “days” to celebrate pets or raise awareness, books coming to market about pets, new pet meds, etc. I have to admit that I’ve become numb to what is interesting to others simply because I get an overly large dose of everything pet compared to the average pet owner.

So I’m asking for your help. I would love to hear from you about what you find interesting, valuable and entertaining as far as content from both the print publication and the website. Sometimes I think if I get one more book review of someone describing how their dog taught them the “core values of life”, I’m going to have Henrietta slit my paw the next time she threatens to slit hers (as you know, she threatens this dire action every time another pet publication, radio program, billboard, ad or TV commercial uses the phrase “Sit, Stay”).

Please take a quick minute to email me at or post a comment here on the website to let us know what you want to know! I’m offering a few suggestions for you to “noodle on” but feel free to come up with your own. I would really appreciate you being specific in your comments. For example, rather than saying you would like to see more editorial on training, you might specifically want to learn more about food aggression, pulling on lead, crate training, housebreaking, general leadership, trick training, clicker training, etc.

To show our appreciation, we will draw 5 random winners from the responders to receive a copy of Houston PetTalk and our Coupon Book mailed directly to your home for the November and December issues.

Suggested Content (these are only “topics” but please be detailed about the specific info you would like to see:

Food/Nutrition – feeding raw, reading pet food labels, what to avoid and why, treats vs. calorie intake
Veterinary Medicine – procedures, costs, ask the vet,
Grooming – ask the groomer, do-it-yourself questions, evaluating a groomer, costs
Events – do we provide enough information?
Travel – where to stay, rates, amenities, travel precautions
A Directory of service providers and where to purchase products
Product Reviews or Book Reveiws
Local legal issues – laws, ordinances, what’s “hot” politically
Adoption – where to adopt, feature some pets up for adoption, fundraising events
Boarding, Pet Sitting and Daycare – evaluating facilities, where to find these services
Local Heroes – more human interest stories of Houstonians helping animals
Product Shopping Guide
Breed Rescue
National News or Events