Cat LeavesThe holiday season is here and it is almost Christmas.  I thought about what I wanted to talk about this week.  Because of a number of things that have happened to me in the past week, it really made me reflect on how important it was to listen to my heart and help animals do the same.  You see, the heart is tied in with love and with love there is peace, comfort and joy.

If we listen and follow our heart, it may be challenging but will ultimately lead us and our pets to happiness.  Your heart is what leads you to accomplish your dreams and if you do not listen to your heart, your dreams might not be realized and without that, a part of you crumbles.  If you follow your heart, you are not being too sensitive, you are being right on!  I’m sure you have probably thought of this before about yourself.  But have you thought about your pets in this respect?

Animals provide us with unconditional love.  I think most people believe that.  But animals also want to be happy and that means being able to open their heart and follow it.  Because of either present or past circumstances, or maybe both, some animals are unable to open their heart.  This animal may be shy or destructive.  This animal may be aggressive.  Sadly, it may seem like this animal is unable to love or accept love.  They are in their own world so to speak and have not truly been able to shine through as their real self.  Their heart has been hurt or “broken” at some point.

  • It could be something that happened when they were very young or before you ever had them.  They could have been abused or neglected or even just witnessed abuse or neglect.  Sometimes seeing it is more emotionally damaging than experiencing it.  There may have been a traumatic situation such as a car accident they were in or witnessed.  The heart can be lacking the peace and security it once had.
  • It could have been something that happened recently.    Perhaps you spoke to them and told them if they didn’t stop misbehaving you would find them a new home.  Perhaps they are always fed last or walked last.  They may be ill because of a hurt or broken heart.  Perhaps they lost their best friend and their heart is aching.
  • Even consider things that you think would not or should not affect them.  Did your pet have a litter and they could be missing their children?  Did you adopt a pet and maybe they wonder why their other “parent” gave them up?  If they were young, maybe they miss their mom or siblings.  Have you told a pet, whether or not you purchased or adopted, that you are giving them a forever home?  Do you know that someone can have a pet for years and the animal will have anxiety because they truly wonder if this day will be their last day to see you!  Many pets do not realize it is their forever home until they are told those words.  For foster parents, you can let them know you are searching for their forever home to give them some hope.
  • It could be anything that has caused them to not have an open heart that has happened at any time in their life.  But usually if you think about it long enough, something will ring a bel.

So how do you listen to your animal’s heart?

  • The first step is to ask yourself is your heart in the right place.  Maybe you are hurt and this is being expressed towards your pet.  Maybe your pet is trying to help you cope with your situation.  Maybe you are not following your dreams.  If you are unhappy, your animal may be unhappy too.  They care so much about your happiness.  You may need to work on your own heart.
  • Secondly, ask yourself does my pet seem happy?  Do they have any behavioral issues?  Do they any health issues?  If they have issues, take a close look at why they might be happening.  Think carefully as to anything you may have said or done or anything that might have happened in their past that could emotionally affected their heart.  Realize in your heart that their heart is not quite what it should be and try to find out why.
  • Next, acknowledge that you want to help their heart heal.  Let them know you want to help.  Apologize if you feel you have contributed in any way.  None of us are perfect and some animals are very sensitive.  An apology can go a long way.  Just reaching out to your pet on this level can speak volumes.
  • Lastly, see what you can do to help their heart heal.  There are so many natural ways to help heal a wounded heart.  It can be something as simple as talking to them or finding the right color that will help with emotional healing.  It could be healing energy from your own hands.  What a joy to offer that to your pet to help them heal!  It may be a supplement like a custom flower essence blend.  It could be a wonderful blend of essential oils to bring their heart back to where it should be.   Maybe it is your loving hands massaging them to bring them the touch, relaxation and calmness they need to restore their heart.

When your heart and your animal’s heart are in the right place, there is happiness, unity, and unending love.   An open heart then allows you and your pet to follow your heart.  Learn to listen closely to the beat of the heart and you’ll never regret it.

Blessings to you and the animals you love!