Amazing General Veterinarian Breakthroughs in the Last 10 Years by

From surgeries to the latest advancements in therapies, the below have it all.

  1. Stem Cell Therapy
    Not just a point of conversation and debate for human medicine, it is available in veterinary medicine as well. Its goal is to stimulate and activate dormant stem cells ensuring maximum uptake achieving best possible results. It is offered by many practices, including Medivet, which has loads to say about it on their site.
  2. Cancer Vaccine
    In this aspect, veterinary medicine seems leaps ahead of human. This vaccine is intended for melanoma, or a type of skin cancer. Since dogs spend most of their time exposed to the sun without any kind of sunscreen, they can be susceptible to melanoma. The blogger at What Would a Dog Do has more.
  3. The Anti Vaccine Movement
    Not just for parents, pet owners have now become more wary of vaccines and the adverse reactions they can have on pets. In order to better understand vaccines, veterinarian T.J. Dunn shares his decades of experience on administering hundreds of thousands of vaccines. He also includes a few true life examples of what an adverse reaction to a vaccine can be.
  4. Laparoscopy
    If your pet had a problem the vet couldn’t readily diagnose, an invasive and dangerous exploratory surgery was often recommended. With this veterinary breakthrough, the procedure can be done laparoscopically, as often done on humans. This involves only a small cut and the insertion of a small camera.
  5. Laser Surgery
    Not just for corrective eye surgery in humans anymore. Concentrated light sources can be used in spays and neuters, declaws, ear surgery, and many more. Dr. Larry includes other benefits of laser surgery.

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