Here are our top natural methods that treat your pet as a WHOLE – body, mind and soul and help them to live a happier, healthier and longer life.  EVERYONE can learn how to do EVERYTHING!  This is not something only the “gifted” can learn.  These are methods even a child can learn how to do.  Tap into your innate abilities and you will learn how to help not only the animals, but yourself and others too, on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level!

  • Muscle/energy testing helps you to determine what is best for your pet, whether it is their food and what methods will help them the most.  Most people don’t realize how much nutrition affects their pets.  #1 problem we see is allergies and most pets are helped by just changing the diet!  Learn how nutrition and kinesiology can help your pet’s health by clicking here.  You can also order the instructional ebook that teaches you how to do muscle testing on people and animals.
  • Reiki/energy work can help behavior, improve recovery from injury/illness and bring comfort to you and your pet when they are ready to cross over.  Reiki can change your life and those that you love.  This healing ability is inside all of us.  It also makes your path in life become more clear!  Click here to learn more about the power of reiki. 
  • Animal communication helps you to understand your pet better such as their likes, dislikes, their purpose in your life and how they are feeling.  While what you say out loud to your pet is important, so is the unspoken word.  Everyone is capable of communicating with animals.  It is just a matter of bringing this innate ability to the surface.  We are ALL intuitive.  Click here to learn more about the power of animal communication.
  • Flower essences are made from the energy of flowers and can help behavioral issues and improve health conditions that are emotional based.  Learn more about the power of the flowers by clicking here.  Simple to offer but can have profound results.   A custom blend can have incredible results.
  • Color and crystal therapy use the amazing energy from colors and crystals to benefit your pet.  Sometimes crystals can be too strong of a therapy for your pet (you use muscle testing to know what is RIGHT for your pet) but other times they are just what your pet needs.  Every pet, though, can use a particular color to help them.  It is just a matter of muscle testing to find out which one is right.  It is not so much that your pet can see the color, but it is the energy the color gives off.  It is so easy to offer – collar, lead, bedding, etc.  Keep in mind that red stimulates so avoid this color if your pet has an illness like cancer or arthritis or is aggressive.  There is a reason the bull charges the red cape!

Once your start on this path to holistic care, you will become hooked and wish you had started it sooner!  So find a teacher near you or learn from us.  Next year we will be holding several 5+ days intensive workshop weeks where you can learn a lot at one time.  This is especially helpful if you don’t live near the Houston, Texas area.