It’s that time again!  Calendars.  In this day of Blackberrys and IPhones, give me a good old fashioned wall calendar, any day. I love them and I love choosing my new calendar every year.  Naturally, I go for some kind of dog themed calendar and there are always plenty to choose from.  It seems like a very important decision.  Clearly, you want a calendar that is interesting enough to look at every single day for the next year.  This year, I got two.

The first one is the Snapshots calendar.  All the proceeds from this trendy, chic calendar benefit SNAP (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program) and their mission to prevent the suffering of cats and dogs due to overpopulation, especially in low-income areas.  The calendar was created by dog advocate photographer, Brett Chisholm who partnered up with Project Runway winner, Chloe Dao.  I may be a teeny bit partial to this calendar, as I was lucky enough to be a participant in this project.  A couple of beautiful pit bulls and I are proud to represent the month of January!  Cool fashion and cool dogs. All for a super cool cause.  Order yours here!

The second one is just for fun as it appeals to the silly Chihuahua lover in me.  I met the photographer, Juan Maldanado, at a doggie Halloween party where they were also selling the calendar, Ay Chihuahua!  The model, El Guero is so super cute, and obviously born to be in pictures! Check it out here.

Happy New Year!

“Dogs never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.”

~Jerome K. Jerome

Stephanie Bennett

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