All pets and their owners can benefit from this one product – Willard Water! No, it is not something from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, although it has had many reported positive effects like the mystical fountain of youth. I call Willard Water the fountain of health. It works, but no one knows exactly how.

What is Willard Water? It is a patent catalyst altered water at the molecular level that contains fossilized organics from lignite, which is a source of trace minerals, nutrients and amino acids. Put a bit less scientifically, it is a diluted water solution containing certain electrolytes that give it amazing properties!

 Dr. John Willard discovered this unique water over 30 years ago, and in 1980 Harry Reasoner did a segment about it on 60 Minutes.   Willard Water has been healing for quite a while. Wendy Volhard uses Willard Water as a valued “tool” in her book “The Holistic Guide to a Healthy Dog“.

How can Willard Water help your pets? 

  • Drinking Willard Water can mellow aggressive dogs
  • Hot spots spritzed with Willard Water can dry up over night 
  • Spray cut or raw paw pads with Willard Water can stop bleeding and relieve pain
  • Rub insect bites with a Willard Water compress to reduce swelling and irritation
  • Cleanse wounds with Willard Water
  • Accelerate healing and can minimize scarring by applying topically
  • Calm anxiety and reduces stress if your dog is afraid of thunderstorms or when traveling by mixing in food or water or administer directly on tongue from an eye dropper    
  • Use as an eye or ear wash
  • It helps skin disorders when used topically
  • Relieve diarrhea
  • Use in baths as a rinse or skin conditioner – to mix in shampoo use 1 part Willard Water to 9 parts shampoo

How do you use Willard Water? Willard Water is a concentrate that comes in clear and dark (XXX). The dark is most commonly used with pets. Add 1-2 ounces to a gallon of distilled or filtered water. Put some of this solution in a spray bottle or atomizer or keep in gallon jug to administer orally. Use it in this dilution for every purpose.  Store in a plastic jug (Willard Water reacts to glass). If using in your pet’s drinking water add 2 TBS of this solution to his water bowl each time you fill it.       

Keep Willard Water in your “tool kit” for your petcare regime at all times, and consider this simple solution that can bring big results!