HOUSTON, WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Bamboo Pet sponsored Houston PetTalk’s Cutest Puppy photo contest.  Tons of our readers participated by sending in photos, and while it was difficult choosing the “cutest,” the decision has been made!  Coming in third place are Gotti and Bob Nygren.  Gotti is a Miniature White Schnauzer and Bob is a Bull Terrier.  Their human, Esther Nygren sent in a photo of them on their way to doggy day care, securing their spot in the top three.  Kimberly Walling sent us a picture of our cute second place winner, Cross, giving his best “GQ look!”  As cute as these puppies are, Alan and Tonya Ater sent us pictures of our first place winner, Vivienne.  Vivienne is a lively and outgoing French Bulldog puppy who keeps her humans guessing as she cools off in her water bowl.  Each of our winners will receive Arm & Hammer Disposable Waste Bags and Dispenser, a Pig in a Blanket toy and Mini Wonky Bonkers.  A special thanks to everyone who participated, and don’t forget about our Bluebonnet photo contest!!