You can pamper your dog just like the show dogs. No need for your dog to have to compete for a blue ribbon in order to participate in the sports and activities you see at the Dog Show. Have fun with your dog all year around using holisitc methods to keep Fido in tip top shape while building a bigger, better bond with him.

  • Learn Doggie Yoga to relax, calm and connect to your dog on a higher level.  You and your dog can reach a peaceful state with dog yoga.  Meditations of unconditional love through movement and prana (breath) build a bond on a mind, body and spiritual level.  Doing yoga with your dog truly calms and releases anxieties in the dog and can be beneficial for some dogs with emotional issues. No equipment necessary – Yoga positions can be done anywhere, anytime in a small, quiet space with soothing music of your choice.  Spend quiet time relaxing and meditating with your dog.
  •  Learn Canine Musical Freestyle – yes, dance with your dog! A fun activity to do with your dog that will enhance your bond and illustrate the joyful relationship between you and your dog. Dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and most importantly all mutts have enjoyed this sport with a big bounce in their step!! Any size, age or type of dog can do this.  Learn how to use the discipline and the drive your dog already has to move with you to music – it can be breath taking to watch such a dog and his handler move as a team performing choreographed routines to music!! Already participating in agility, rally, flyball or dock dogs? Freestyle also enhances the drive and grace of an already athletically trained dog, and for behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity, doggie dancing can help your pet relax, focus and reduce their stress and anxiety.  Doggie Dancing can be done indoors – great for rainy days. Brain work is always more exhausting than physical activity! Come to the Reliant Dog Show  July 22 – 24, 2011 and see our freestyle performances !!
  • Essential oil blends can be created to ward of pests like ticks, fleas and mosquitos – spritz daily and avoid harsh flea treatments. Essential oil blends can calm anxiety and fears or bring focus and attention, which helps with any sport, activity or training. We have created 3 blends and will be available for purchase at the  Reliant Dog Show this year at the Houston Pet Talk booth. Come by and get your blend of Hocus-Focus, Pest Busters or Mellow Fellow
  • Doing muscle testing will ensure your dog is on the proper diet to feed his body. Your dog’s core diet is the most important part of keeping him healthy and thriving, as well as preventing health issues like joint or hip problems and skin conditions.  Just by adding a daily probiotic to keep the good bacteria in the body could be the most important supplement your dog needs. Learn how to muscle test in a hands on workshop or by ordering The Lightfoot Way muscle testing CD.
  • By learning animal communication, you connect your mind to your dog’s mind, which can improve your connection with them at an event or any time in their life. 
  • Acupressure and acupuncture can assist in healing many issues including back/bone injuries, arthritis, skin conditions, behavioral issues (fear, anxiety, aggression or grief) and digestive disorders. There are even acupoints for a lack of focus, pre and post performance points, too! That will help any dog working up the dog show ladder! Massage can help sooth tired muscles, joints or general soreness and prevent injuries. Pamper your dog with a massage giving him quiet, one on one time making him feel like a champ! Learn how to do canine massage in a workshop from The Lightfoot Way!  

When you add holistic modalities such as these to your life, you can prevent and overcome obstacles, prevailing with that blue ribbon or the satisfaction and inner joy of the fun and accomplishment you share with your dog. 

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