The Fall is here and Halloween has passed, but it can always be the season for ORANGE and BLACK. Don’t let these two colors “scare” you ….. Orange and Black have very healing properties in many different ways.


  • The crystal Carnelian (creamy white to dark orange) works physically to increase a poor appetite and female reproductive issues. Emotionally carnelian works on depression and low self esteem. Spiritually carnelian works to enhance the sense of touch. Carnelian works with the sacral chakra.
  • The crystal Citrine (pale orange) works physically on diabetes, fatigue, urinary and kidney issues. Emotionally citrine relieves stress and helps animals adjust to change. Spiritually citrine heals auras and brings clarity.  Citrine represents and works with the root, sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakra, and is one of the only crystals that always stays balanced. You never have to cleanse citrine.
  • Copper (metallic orange) is a metal but used often with crystals and works physically on arthritis, eczema and toxicity. Emotionally copper helps the flow of energy and protects against stress. Spiritually copper grounds and removes other’s energies. Copper works with the sacral chakra.
  • Amber (clear orange) is an earthy substance often used with crystals and physically works on allergies, asthma, respiratory, digestive issues and the bladder. Emotionally amber works on calming and stabilizing emotions. Spiritually amber protects and heals the aura and clears negative energy. Amber works with the solar and throat chakras.
  • The crystal Tigers Eye (golden brown-black quartz) physically works on vision, stomach, ulcers, bones and high blood pressure. Emotionally it protects while traveling, help with focus for training and discipline issues. Spiritually tigers eye gives psychic protection. Tigers eye works with the solar and crown chakras.
  • The crystal Black Onyx (solid, black marble) physically works on teeth, bones and blood disorders. Emotionally, helps with past-life work, old injuries and heals grief. Spiritually, it connects the whole – holds memories and allows the path to the future. Black onyx work with all of the chakras.
  • The color Orange brings happiness, confidence and warmth and aids all organs and hormones. Be cautious of too much orange as it is a derivative of red and red is a stimulant and agitant.
  • The color Black aids with blood pressure and negativity. Too much can be depressing, though.

Color has healing and metaphysical properties using it’s own frequency, whether it is the actual color itself, a crystal or an essence created from a color or crystal. Your animal can wear a custom crystal pouch around their collar or harness in the color that is the most healing to them. Click here to order.

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Make holistic animal care a way of life, not a last resort!